On October 31, 2011, Kim Kardashian officially kicked her short-term husband Kris Humphries to the curb by serving him with divorce papers. This year, the reality star is hoping to spend Halloween doing something a little more enjoyable, and luckily for all of us, that might include one of the skankiest outfits the world has ever seen.

Over the weekend, the thirty-one-year-old was doing a little costume shopping when she discovered a gem good enough to send along to all of her fans via Instagram. Deciding to be a sexy cat wouldn’t separate Kim from the other women who will hit up parties across the country, but the amount of cleavage and exposed abs in this ensemble certainly would. Check it out below…

Bam! Most women Kim’s age wouldn’t choose to wear something like this out into public, but considering she’s been in Playboy and loves attention, this outfit is right in her wheelhouse. Plus, new boyfriend Kanye West is probably all over how hot she looks in this. Some men aren’t overly excited about other dudes ogling their women, but the hip-hop star is reportedly down with the fact she has a sex tape. In comparison, this is pretty tame.

Here’s to hoping we all get a few more looks at other Halloween costumes Kim is considering before the big day.

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