Holly Madison Weds At Disneyland

Holly Madison talks into the camera, wearing a pink sweater.
(Image credit: Holly Madison)

Holly Madison is finally married. The prolific TV personality opted to have an enchanted ceremony with her beau Pasquale Rotella on Tuesday, September 10. While a lot of celebrities are trending toward event weekends for ceremonies, Madison and Rotella, the founder of Insomniac Events, decided to head to Disneyland on a weekday to exchange their vows, which is totally perfect for the couple.

Holly Madison’s love of all things Disney is well-documented. Last year, the 33-year-old had a “babymoon” at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, staying at a resort in the Animal Kingdom and taking plenty of photographs which she later shared with fans. While she hasn’t officially put together any wedding photos, yet, the reality star and former Peep Show actress did share a photo from her “Bridal Party” via her blog, which features Madison decked out as Alice in Wonderland, which totally suits her blonde hair.


For their nuptials, the couple had the park to themselves. They rented it out after hours, which means the wedding happened in the evening on Tuesday. The couple was married in one of the nicest parts of the Disneyland park, getting hitched in New Orleans Square, just outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I’m guessing, however, that the couple did not opt to wear pirate costumes for the big event, even if Madison is a fan of cosplay.

The couple have been dating since 2011, and six months ago, they had their first child together, a little girl named Rainbow Aurora Rotella (a name which also has some ties to Disney). According to US Weekly, the couple got engaged in June of this year, following the birth of their daughter. Clearly, Madison’s a big fan of “magical” moments, as Rotella apparently proposed in Vegas on a ferris wheel.

With a little girl in the picture, it’s likely the couple has been an example of domesticity for the last several months. Still, the ceremony and the piece of paper is a nice way to cement a relationship and have a memorable evening, as well. Congratulations to the newly married couple during their first few days of marital bliss—with a little luck and some fairy dust, hopefully they’ll get to spend a few more days in Disneyland.

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