After years of watching Whitney Houston’s many battles in the public eye, people learned to expect pretty much anything from the deceased pop star and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, but even with that experience, I’m not sure anyone was ready for what was revealed on last night’s debut episode of Houstons: On Our Own. The reality show featuring the late singer’s surviving family members turned into an essay on daughter Bobbi Kristina’s many problems. The nineteen-year-old was shown drinking, ignoring family orders and announcing her engagement to Nick Gordon, who other family members consider Bobbi’s brother.

Given the nature of reality television, a case could be made that some of these concerns were played up for ratings, but if TMZ is to be believed, there’s nothing fake about Bobbi’s drinking problem. She’s allegedly surrounded herself with many of the same enablers who did nothing while Whitney plunged further into the abyss, and in the months since season one stopped filming, the mess has reportedly gotten even worse. The Houston family is mulling over possible options as far as getting Krissy the help they think she needs, but at this point, nothing has been decided for sure.

With a brilliant voice and amazing charisma, Whitney overflowed with talent, and her death was not only a great loss to her family but to society as a whole. It would be a real tragedy if Bobbi wandered too far down that same path before she was able to find out what she has to offer. Here’s to hoping any problems that may be present clear themselves up soon.

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