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Jennifer Lopez is headed for an ugly court battle with a former employee. Hakom Manoukian began driving around the American Idol judge and her soon-to-be ex-husband Marc Anthony in 2005. The chauffeur owned his own limousine company, but he always made sure to make time for the couple whenever they asked for his services. By 2011, the relationship was apparently going so swimmingly that they asked him to work for them exclusively at a salary of seventy-two thousand dollars a year plus production pay and overtime, which could bring the total to almost three times that figure. That’s when the problems started.

According to Manoukian’s complaint, the promotion involved routine dealings with Lopez’s manager Benny Medina, who supposedly hated his guts from the beginning. Routinely putting him down and belittling him for not speaking English properly, Manoukian claims Medina made the work environment a living hell. When the chauffeur finally mustered the guts to complain to the singer, she reportedly demoted him and later severed all ties.

E! News was able to obtain a copy of the complaint, and in it, the former employee claims poor working conditions and deceit as some of the reasons for the lawsuit. He’s seeking unspecified damages that more than likely relate to him giving up his business and losing out on other potential employment opportunities.

Lopez is yet to respond publicly to the allegations. When she does, it will likely become more clear if there’s any case here or if a settlement is a possibility. We’ll keep you updated if anything major goes down.