Kate Middleton Topless Pictures: Closer Magazine's Owners Are Furious At Editors

It turns out members of the royal family aren’t the only ones outraged over the publication of topless Kate Middleton photographs in the French version of Closer. Bauer Media Group, the company that owns the Closer brand, has just released a pointed and angry statement condemning the “gross intrusion” of privacy.

The snapshots in question were taken by an unidentified photographer while Prince William and his wife spent a relaxing, assumedly private afternoon at the French chateau of Lord Linley, the Queen’s nephew. They feature Kate tanning and later cuddling with the future King while topless on the private estate. The mystery shutterbug allegedly tried to sell the negatives to several different magazines, but none of them would run the pictures, save the French version of Closer. Their publication caused an immediate outcry among a high percentage of the public who considered the shots invasive, unfair and distasteful.

A lawsuit has already been filed on Kate’s behalf, but given the incredible anger of Bauer Media Group, the legal action could prove to be the least of the publication’s problems. The company licensed use of the name to Arnoldo Monadori Editore, the largest publishing company in Italy, in order to create the French publication, but it could hypothetically decide to sever its ties over this, forcing the magazine to either shut down or change its name. Here’s a look a portion of Bauer’s official statement, published on the UK version of Closer’s website

”We were not aware in advance of the purchase of these photographs or of any intention to publish. We have absolutely no control over the editorial decisions of Closer France.In the light of their publication, we are now urgently discussing this matter with our licensee and reviewing the terms of our licence agreement with Closer France.Like our readers we are appalled and regret the pain the publication of these photographs has caused.

Prince Harry didn’t deserve to have his wild evening betrayed by his fellow partygoers looking to make some money a few weeks back, but at least, you can see how his own behavior sort of caused that problem. Here, however, Kate didn’t put herself in a dangerous or foolish position. She was simply enjoying an afternoon with husband on a secluded country estate when someone on the edge of the property zoomed in the camera as far as he could and snapped a few shots. It’s easy to see why people are outraged, and they likely will continue to be mad for awhile.

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