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Katherine Heigl Shares Photos From TR Knight's Wedding

Thanks to the rather questionable way she left Grey’s Anatomy and some comments she made after the release of Knocked Up about the film being “a little sexist”, Katherine Heigl acquired a less than easy and pleasant reputation in the minds of many fans. Over the past several years, however, she’s slowly started winning more people over. She’s now a wife, a mother and apparently, a pretty fun wedding guest.

The actress spent this past weekend in Upstate New York to support her former Grey’s co-star/ BFF T.R. Knight as he walked down the aisle and wed his longtime boyfriend Patrick. By all accounts, the ceremony was on the smaller side, but luckily, it was large enough for Heigl, her husband Josh Kelley and loveable actress Kate Walsh to carve out some snapshot space. You can take a look at some of the goofy pictures the group got out of the photo booth and later uploaded onto Twitter below…

Beyond the fact that everyone deserves equality under the law and the world is a better place with more stable couples who have made an official commitment, I’m in favor of gay marriage because I’m in favor of weddings. There are few things more delightful than watching two people tie the knot, whether they’re straight or gay. From dancing to photo booths to cake to seeing old friends, there are so many different ways attendees can have fun, and seeing these pictures Heigl uploaded should remind everyone of that.

Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to T.R. and Patrick. Here’s to hoping they spend the rest of their lives madly in love and having a series of adventures.

Mack Rawden

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