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Post divorce announcement, Katy Perry has done a bit to stay out of the public eye. She shied away from the People’s Choice Awards, and even dyed her hair in the attempt to camouflage herself like a blue chameleon. I would bet the 27 year-old singer even wants to hightail off of Twitter, but with a loyal fanbase, that is probably not her best call. Thus, Perry has attempted the next best thing: unfollowing Russell Brand.

As of Saturday, Brand is still following Perry.

While it may seem a little immature to unfollow someone she was once married to on Twitter, I understand the impulse. If a person honestly loves another person but cannot find a way to make it work, it must be antagonizing to hop onto Twitter or another social networking source and to hear about whatever that person is thinking at any given moment. Some people may be able to handle the pressure, but there is no shame in bowing in a time as strenuous as a break in an important relationship.

According to US Weekly, Perry is all about limiting her interactions with her soon-to-be ex-husband and focusing on her career.
"She's limiting those interactions. He's being so atrocious that she feels like she never really knew him."

Now there is no Twitter to worry about, maybe Perry’s healing process can truly begin.

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