Kim Kardashian might love publicity and money in equal measure, but that doesn’t mean she takes advantage of every single opportunity to bundle the two. In fact, she’s reportedly decided to turn down numerous lucrative offers for future pictures of her child out of respect for the little guy or girl’s privacy.

According to TMZ, offers from various publications to run pictures after the child is born have reached as high as three million dollars, but at this point, Kim and Kanye are reportedly having none of it, which is both admirable and crazy. I get the idea of wanting to keep your kid off the front page, but three million dollars is an insane amount of money. They could take these pictures, immediately put the money into a trust fund and give it to the child to buy an awesome house in cash on his or her twenty-fifth birthday.

Sources close to the couple are saying Kim and Kanye are still listening to offers and are keenly aware that demand will only increase once the big day draws closer. Thus, they could just be leaking a story like this in order to squeeze one of these outlets for the highest amount of money they’d be willing to pay. That would be good business and a page out of Kim’s typical playbook, but we won’t know for sure until at least a few months from now. Until then, if someone offers you three million dollars for fully clothed photographs, you should strongly consider taking it.

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