Kris Humphries Nets A Small Fortune By Selling Kim Kardashian's Ring

The last remnant of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ disastrous relationship has been packaged and sold to the highest bidder. This morning, legendary auction house Christie’s put the reality star’s engagement ring on the block as per the wishes of her ex-husband, and surprisingly, more than a few people raised their bidding doodads in an attempt to bring the cursed stone into their own homes.

According to US Magazine, Humphries claims the ring was worth about $2 million when he first bought it. There are more than a few people who doubt that price point, but regardless, all the publicity surrounding the ring still wasn’t enough to get anywhere close to that total. The unidentified winner secured the victory with a bid of $620,000, which translates to just under $750,000 once all the auction house fees are added in.

The general public will never let Kim and Kris live down their seventy-two day marriage. Not only did they turn the ceremony into a reality television event, they somehow dragged out the divorce for more than a year, which is exponentially longer than they were married. By the time they actually signed the damn paperwork, she was pregnant with Kanye West’s baby.

Humphries claims he’s going to give a percentage of this money to an undisclosed charity but exactly what that charity might be or how much money of his $620,000 haul he might fork over is unclear. Regardless, with the big man now buried on the Boston Celtics (who will suck), there’s every reason to hope we won’t be hearing much from him over the next few years.

I still have no idea why anyone would want to own this symbol of failure, but if the anonymous bidder ever steps forward and explains why he or she felt the need to pony up the money, we’ll make sure to bring you that no doubt weird and uncomfortable story.

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