Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Betty Ford Clinic

It’s been a crazy forty-eight hours for Lindsay Lohan, but then again, it seems like every forty-eight hour chunk is chaotic when it comes to the actress. First, the Mean Girls star decided to switch course and fly to California rather than enter the rehab facility she initially picked because it didn’t allow smoking. Unfortunately, the new facility her arguably incompetent new lawyer recommended for her wasn’t actually licensed by the state of California. That news prompted Lindsay to bring back her old attorney Shawn Holley, and now, she’s apparently figured out a real rehab plan.

According to TMZ, Holley and Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White met after Lindsay brought her longtime lawyer back on board, and the litigators worked out a deal to allow Lohan to serve out her ninety day rehabilitation stretch at the Betty Ford Center. The judge will still need to approve the rehab swap, but given the long and storied history and reputation of the Betty Ford Clinic, that shouldn’t really be a problem, especially since Lindsay has reportedly already checked in.

For what seems like the last decade, Lohan’s life has been a never-ending series of antics. There is some hope this rehab stint might be the swift kick in the ass she needs to finally make a fundamental change in her life, but given all that’s happened in the past few days, exactly what she’ll take away from this rehab stint is anyone’s guess.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on this rehab situation as more details become available.

Mack Rawden
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