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Mariah Carey Tweets Sexy Picture To Nick Cannon For His Birthday

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon aren’t shy about letting the world know how much they’re into one another. In fact, they recently renewed their vows at Disneyland earlier this year, but even given all that, many fans were still a bit surprised this morning when they signed onto Twitter and discovered a decidedly PG-13 related picture of the starlet’s ample cleavage, along with a come hither message for Cannon in honor of his birthday.

You can check out the tweet and picture in question below…

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Like most overtly sexual things posted on Twitter (especially by a mother), Mariah’s picture turned out to be pretty polarizing with some praising her for doing whatever the hell she wants and others condemning her for seeking attention from the general public when she could have just sent Cannon the picture via text message. In the end, I suppose all that matters is whether or not Nick found the picture to be a pretty solid birthday present. Considering it’s still up on her account, one would imagine he does. Besides, it’s not as if a man could marry Mariah and not know there would be some attention-seeking acts now and again. After all, we’re talking about the same woman who a) has sex to her own music and b) once did this…

Regardless, Pop Blend wishes Cannon the best birthday possible. Over the years, he’s proven to be nothing but a decent and loveable host on all of his different programs, and he deserves to have a little fun today. If his wife has anything to say about it, apparently much of that fun will be with her, which doesn’t sound like such a bad thing.

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