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Michael Jordan is a married man once again. The retired, still most famous athlete in the world walked down the aisle with his beautiful fiancée Yvette Prieto in a ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida this afternoon. The wedding itself was held in an Episcopal church called Bethesda-by-the-Sea and was reportedly attended by five hundred. The reception, which two thousand total people were invited to, is currently being held at Jack Nicklaus’ famous Bears Club, a beautiful golf course right by MJ’s house.

According to People, months of planning went into figuring out who to invite, where to hold it and how to handle the specifics. A full rehearsal was held on Friday, and while reviews of the ceremony haven’t snuck out, you can imagine they certainly will in the next few days. Jordan hasn’t played basketball in about a decade, and everything he does is still widely reported around the world. From recollections of his historic career to wild rumors about his personal life, it all seems to get out; so, we can be pretty confident a lot of the details will sneak out from this event.

Jordan recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday. To commemorate the event, numerous features ran in a variety of publications, none better than ESPN’s MJ Has Not Left The Building. Not a ton is known about Prieto, but in the feature, she’s painted as a woman who has calmed Jordan down quite a bit and taught him how to relax his competitive edge. Here’s to hoping she’s about to do that for decades to come, allowing Jordan to enjoy the fruits of his athletic dominance.

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