Miley Cyrus: The Pot I Smoked At The EMAs Was Real, Ya'll

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but the woman knows the way into teenage hearts. Looking for a way to follow up her much-discussed foam finger performance at the Video Music Awards, the starlet decided to go in a far less sexual direction for Sunday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. More specifically, she pulled out what appeared to be a joint and blazed it up while she was on stage.

Naturally, the smoking-related shenanigans inspired all sorts of knee-jerk conversations about whether or not the implied marijuana was actually that and whether or not smoking it was illegal. As she was in Amsterdam at the time, smoking it was A-Okay, and true to form, the green was apparently very real.

Following the incident, Miley stopped by UK’s Capital FM radio station to dish about what happened, and if she’s to be believed, it just like happened, ya’ll! Here’s a portion of her exact quote, as per The Hollywood Reporter

"I was just walking out of my room and then I was like, 'Oh I have this in my bag, that will be really funny.' And I didn't say anything to anybody -- it's not that I think about that and I don't tell anyone I'm gonna do it. Some people I think over think so much…that's not why I do it. I just did it mostly because I knew the fans in Amsterdam would love it and they started going crazy when I did it…But I don't really care what the media says because I don't Google myself, so I don't know what they say. And I don't care."

The audience certainly did eat up the danky display, and back home, it generated more than its share of headlines. As such, it’s hard to say the incident wasn’t a big fat win-win for Miley, besides, she didn’t even need to disrobe to do it. So, I guess from that perspective, it was win-win-win.

At the end of the day, it’s the job of a pop star to be interesting to her fans, and while I think it’s a bit ludicrous that lighting up brought her so many headlines considering she was in Amsterdam, I can’t help but give her a round of applause for this choice in behavior.

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