Olivia Munn Gets Naked For PETA

Model, actress and object of geek lust Olivia Munn has become the latest celebrity to condemn fur in a new ad put together by PETA. As part of the organization’s highly popular “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign, the former Attack Of The Show co-host takes it all off and poses beside a rabbit in a series of photographs that draw attention to the horrors of the fur trade. In conjunction with the pictures, Munn also took part in an expose that chronicles large farms in China that export pelts.

According to The New York Daily News, Munn speaks of her Chinese ancestry in the video and her broken heart at discovering there are no consequences in the Asian nation for companies that systematically kill animals to produce the fur that goes into coats. Here’s a look at one of the advertisements currently making its way around the internet…

Say what you will about PETA, but the organization certainly knows how to draw attention. There’s no telling how many people will wind up viewing the above picture. Whether it will change anyone’s mind is another question entirely, but good for Munn for disrobing for a tasteful photograph advocating something she believes in.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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