We all move on from bad relationships in different ways. Some women cut their hair. Some men sleep with a woman who doesn’t matter. In Rihanna’s case, she apparently unfollows the dude on Twitter.

The decision came yesterday after her ex-Chris Brown released a remix of “TheraFlu” by Kanye West in which he changed the lyrics to say his “old bitches” shouldn’t be “fuck(ed) with” like a “bad fur” because everyone in the industry has “done had her”. Many listeners immediately wondered if the line was about Rihanna. Her unfollowing would certainly seem to indicate she’s convinced the track is.

According to TMZ, after Brown realized Rihanna had unfollowed him, he responded by unfollowing her a few hours later. Neither party has commented publicly about their motivations for yesterday’s actions, but their behaviors speak loud enough that it doesn’t really seem to matter.

Ever since the ugly domestic violence incident, fans have long wondered why Rihanna and Chris Brown remained so friendly with each other. She had a restraining order against him removed, and for awhile, there was rampant speculation they might get back together. The Twitter war doesn’t necessarily indicate they’re permanently done with each other, but it certainly seems to be a sign that, at least for the time being, she’s had enough.

We’ll keep you updated if anyone speaks on the record or if either begins following the other again.

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