Someone Close To The Kardashian Family Has Been Stealing Things

Someone in the Kardashian family, someone close to the Kardashian family or someone who works for the Kardashian family seems to have sticky fingers. Over the last few months, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in jewelry and high end items vanished from the house Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom once shared. Then, approximately fifty thousand dollars in cold hard cash walked out Kourtney Kardashian’s door, and for obvious reasons, the police reportedly think the two cases are related.

According to TMZ, authorites have reportedly decided to focus on the Kourtney matter first. Since there were no signs of forced entry, whoever stole the money almost certainly had easy access to the home. Obviously, the Kardashian family would like to think someone who was inside painting or helping to move or working on something stumbled upon the money and impulsively took off with it because the alternative would mean someone they’re actually close to did it for reasons unknown.

Given his well documented drug problems and his issues with Khloe, Odom, sadly for him, jumps out as a very likely candidate, but there’s almost no way it was actually him. He’s been in Spain playing basketball in hopes of making an NBA comeback next year. So, cross him off the suspects list.

Police haven’t spoken extensively on the record about these thefts, but they’re reportedly going to put together a list of who had access to both of the homes. Khloe is reportedly hoping the authorites will lie detector every single person she knows, but that seems like a lot of resouces.

We’ll keep you updated on this mess as it unfolds. Burglaries don’t typically have the highest solve rate, but something tells me the locals will put some more effort into this one given the Kardashians are prominently featured on what feels like ten hours worth of television programming a week.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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