Injured Lakers point guard Steve Nash is reportedly preparing to go to war with his ex-wife. Alejandra Nash recently announced she was planning to follow her ex-husband from Phoenix to Los Angeles, but apparently, that relocation isn’t sitting well with her former spouse. He wants the family to stay put in the desert and is willing to fight it out in court to make that happen.

Because of a gag order imposed following their divorce proceedings, neither side has nor is allowed to speak publically about their feelings related to this move. According to TMZ, Alejandra recently hired heavyweight divorce attorney Lance Spiegel to represent her, but beyond confirming he’s on the payroll, he has also refused to comment on anyone’s thinking patterns.

Based on what we know, the most logical assumption is that Nash doesn’t want to make the higher child support payments he would likely need to if his family moved to California. Assumedly, she could use the new location to renegotiate, and he would be on the hook for a truly astronomical figure for each of his three children. That being said, it’s also possible he doesn’t want his twin girls to change schools to a location he will likely only be at for a few years. He may be planning to move back to Phoenix when he retires and doesn’t want the children to have to move again.

Depending on how much you like Nash and the Lakers, you can either choose to give him the benefit of the doubt or not.

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