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Watch Blind YouTube All-Star Tommy Edison Describe VidCon

You know how a lot of professional athletes seem to know each other? Well, the same thing applies to reality television stars, high end chefs and famous YouTube performers too. They might not all live in the same places, but there are certain events every year that bring the big guns together. For that last group, the main event on the calendar is called VidCon. It happened just this past weekend in Anaheim, California, and while the event is always overshadowed by San Diego’s Comic-Con, it still has a ton of good times to offer.

This year, YouTube all-star Tommy Edison decided to bust out his camera at the event and make a video about his unique perspective as a blind man attending a convention dedicated to watching videos. From V Sauce host Michael to Vlog Brothers host Hank, a lot of famous faces make appearances or are seen in the background, but the focus is still squarely on Tommy and his unique brand of humor. Throughout the runtime, he describes how the convention smells, how the convention tastes, how his gift bag feels and how the gigantic convention center sounds.

Like Comic-Con, the fun one has at VidCon from Tommy or anyone else’s perspective is directly related to how much the person is willing to engage and show themselves friendly. The thousands of people who attend these events want nothing more than to have fun. They want to talk about their favorite videos. They want to have a few laughs, and they want to meet other friendly people. Luckily for Tommy, if everyone on YouTube was lined up from the most to the least friendly, Tommy would be a whole lot closer to the friendly side, which is why people like Michael from V Sauce are so happy to jump in and film a little segment for his clips.

For a great example of that happiness and warmth, I’ve gone ahead and embedded another one of Tommy’s videos below. Here, he talks about various colors and what he knows about them. He also talks about some of the ways other people have used to try to explain color to him and how none of them have ever made any sense. The clip is pretty comical, and it has a wonderful perspective about it. Enjoy…

Mack Rawden

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