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Watch This Hilarious Blind Dude Draw Various Objects

My fine motor skills are awful. I can’t cut a straight line, and it takes me forever to write legibly. Not surprisingly, drawing has never been my thing either, but unlike Tommy Edison, I don’t really have a very good excuse.

Known as YouTube’s most affable and open blind dude, Edison routinely answers questions about what it’s like to live in the world without vision. This week’s query was about drawing, and like a great sport, Tommy agreed to draw viewer requests, provided they followed one common sense rule you may not have thought about: the object has to be something he’s touched before.

As Edison explains it, his entire world is three dimensional. It’s hard for him to even contemplate something only being in two dimensions because he’s unable to see pictures. Consequently, he can’t draw a map of the world or what a famous person might look like because he’s never actually been in contact with those things like he has an automobile or a cat.

There’s nothing more important in life than being comfortable with yourself. None of us can choose the hand we’re dealt, but we can decide how to play that hand. From amputees making Lego legs to deaf people embracing the wonders of technology, there are people with disabilities out there who are conquering hurdles and fighting the good fight every single day. They might not be motivational speakers or particularly famous, but they’ve found ways to smile for all of the positives they’ve been blessed with.

It’s all about looking at the silver linings. For example: I’ve decided to go ahead and embed another video below. This one is also from Edison, and it features the big man showing the world how he maneuvers through his CD collection. As a blind man, he’s obviously ravenous for music and has hundreds and hundreds of CDs. So, he uses large box sets to let himself know what portion of the alphabet he’s in in order to make sure he’s working his way over to the right choice. It’s truly fascinating, and I highly advise giving it a watch too.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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