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Avril Lavigne’s everyday look is pretty simple. She often wears black and has lately taken to wearing some of her fiance’s band t-shirts. Obviously, as a newly engaged woman, she’s been pairing everything with her 14-carat diamond rock. None of this is very surprising, but what may be a little more surprising are her plans for her wedding dress.

Like the average western bride, Lavigne is opting to buy a traditional white dress; however, once she gets her hands on the piece, it may get some dye treatment and even some ripping to attain the look she really wants. In fact, the 27-year-old singer says she might deconstruct a bunch of traditional dresses and sew them into the look she wants to achieve. The whole thing would be a far cry from the traditional Vera Wang dress Lavigne wore the first time she walked down the aisle.
“I have my idea of what I want. It might be something that I buy a few different dresses and rip them up and put them all together and dye them, or maybe I’ll kind of do a collaboration with another designer.”

The singer told People the idea isn’t a certainty, but it is one she is tossing around as she begins to consider wedding possibilities. Lavigne and her 37-year-old partner, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, are newly engaged, and there is still plenty of time to work out all of the kinks and details with the ceremony and the dress.

Until then, at least she’ll have a pretty ring to keep her occupied and remind her of the big day.
“I can’t take it off. I sleep with it on. It goes with every outfit.”

The gift from Kroeger reportedly cost $350,000 and it’s no wonder the spunky singer doesn’t want to part with it, ever. I even think it would look perfect with a ripped up, dyed wedding dress.

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