Gina Carano Talks Cancellation, Announces She's Boarded Another Project After Mandalorian Firing

Gina Carano talks to The Mandalorian in Season 2 screenshot.
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Gina Carano has been making quite a few career moves in recent weeks. The former MMA star and lead in The Mandalorian was fired from that role after making controversial comments on the social media platform Twitter back in February. Subsequently, however, she hasn’t had a ton of problems finding more work and this week she announced the latest project she’s been filming, also touching on getting cancelled in her message. 

In an announcement, Gina Carano opened up about joining the cast of the new movie, called My Son Hunter, and how it happened. In fact, she straight-up mentions that the director of the film actually had reached out to her after she was “cancelled” for comments she made online that ultimately led to her exit from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian

I’m here on the set of My Son Hunter, the story of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. We’re in Belgrade, Serbia, such an incredible place. And I’m working with Lawrence Fox, one of the most amazing humans ever that I found in 2020. So I’m so excited to be here… and then Robert Davi, someone who reached out to me after I got cancelled. So here’s our fearless leader, our director, somebody who I admire and somebody who i believe is painting and incredible picture right now.

Carano’s My Son Hunter role joins a lengthy list of projects she has signed on for since she was -- as she put it here -- cancelled. Shortly after Gina Carano was let go by Disney, the actress signed on for a role with Daily Wire to develop an exclusive project that ultimately became the already-filmed Terror on the Prairie. In the time since, she also landed a role in a thriller about a woman who survives a murder attempt by a serial killer who is also a trucker. The Hunter/Joe Biden project is yet another movie role she can add to her upcoming slate. 

The full YouTube post also included Gina Carano sharing her feelings on her career at this moment, with the actress noting she is in a positive place in her career despite getting fired from a major role in the Star Wars Universe. 

I just don’t think it gets better than where I am at right now. I am so excited to be creating art. And I believe groundbreaking art. I believe what Robert Davi is doing with this film is just absolutely groundbreaking… this is what makes art great.

After Gina Carano made a comment on Twitter likening being a conservative in America to being a Jewish person living under the Nazi regime, Lucasfilm reacted strongly to her comments. The company said earlier in 2021 that her comments on social media were “abhorrent” in a statement.

Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.

Prior to this, there was every indication that Cara Dune, the character the actress portrayed on The Mandalorian, would be back for the third season of the Pedro Pascal show. There was some speculation the character could live on in other projects, perhaps a Rangers of the New Republic series, as well. Those roles are no longer in the cards for Gina Carano, but it sounds as if she is working to move past what happened. She's previously already spoken out and said she still holds her Mandalorian co-stars, including Pedro Pascal, in high regard as well. 

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