Pedro Pascal Reveals The One Mandalorian Request He Really Hates When Parents Ask Him

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian looking down at Grogu
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Just as Pedro Pascal is winning over HBO viewers by playing another reluctant father figure as Joel in the TV adaptation of The Last Of Us, the actor is about to be back at it as Din Djarin for The Mandalorian Season 3. Ahead of the season premiere hitting Disney+ next week, Pascal has shared one common occurrence that happens during encounters with Star Wars fans that he just doesn’t want to do anymore. So consider this a PSA!

When Pascal recently guested on The Graham Norton Show, the actor shared an “inappropriate” request he gets all the time regarding The Mandalorian. In his words (via HuffPost): 

People come up to me and ask me to do the voice for their kids. But I think it sounds inappropriate because it is a breathy, low register ‘bedroom’ voice. It is so creepy and doesn’t work in real life.

Apparently, Pedro Pascal is often asked if he can bring out the voice of Din Djarin, but he’s not about it considering how it actually sounds without the context of the galaxy far, far away. He likened it to a bedroom voice, which is 100 percent something he doesn’t want to start speaking to kids in. This is something that fans probably didn’t realize when the voice came from inside a helmet, but makes for a funny story now. 

Pascal’s Star Wars character spends most of his time under the Mandalorian’s helmet, concealing his face. As the actor previously explained, he “can’t see shit” under the armor, but of course the character concealing his face is a major part of its identity. Some parents may think hearing the voice might remind their kids of a favorite TV show, but to Pascal the voice is just “creepy” in real life and he doesn’t want to talk to kids with it. It’s for the Star Wars world only, folks! 

It’s interesting Pascal gets these requests, because it sounds similar to that of actors who play famous animated characters like Tom Hanks for Toy Story or Ellen DeGeneres for Finding Nemo. Both of those actors have spoken to parents asking them to go into their voices for young fans, and it is rather awkward because the kids know them as a toy or fish, not a full-grown human. 

Pascal’s recent words about his Star Wars role come as The Mandalorian Season 3 soon premieres for those with a Disney+ subscription on March 1, with a fourth season already written as well. The series picks up after a long hiatus, considering Season 2 had its finale back in December 2020. Pascal did appear in the 2022 first season of The Book of Boba Fett. The season will roll out weekly on Wednesdays as Pascal’s HBO series rounds out a very successful first season in the coming weeks.  

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