3 Severance Fan Theories I’m On Board With Ahead Of Season 2 And 3 That Seem Totally Wild

Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, John Turturro and Britt Lower in “Severance,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
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So many Severance spoilers ahead.

Have you been wondering about those goats? Do Lumon’s ethics baffle you? Well, me too. Ever since the finale of Apple TV+’s show Severance I have been left with tons of questions. While the ending of Season 1 has been explained, I’m still left to ponder all the theories that are out there. And while the creators of the show stay off Reddit, I can’t get enough of it. 

Like most corners of the internet, the Severance board runs the gamut of reasonable to wacky. Very few shows can get away with a clone theory being plausible, but here we are. Between the clones, immortality and LinkedIn, just about anything could be possible next season on Severance. Let's explore some of the best and wildest theories fans have come up with. 

Dichen Lachman in “Severance,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

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Yes To This Theory: Ms. Casey Could Be A Clone Of Mark’s Wife, Gemma

Leading Severance’s ensemble cast is Adam Scott as Mark. We find out early on that Mark severed himself because his wife died. He feels like he needs to separate his work and home life so he can not feel the grief and sadness of losing his wife. However, at work Mark, and others, are sent to wellness sessions to meet with Ms. Casey. We later find out that Ms. Casey is Gemma, Mark’s wife. But is she?

Rabelpudding, along with many others, seems to think Ms. Casey could be a clone of Gemma. We know she was being experimented on down through the door at the end of the scary hallway. We also see those goats, and while sheep were the first animals to be cloned, it seems possible these goats could be Lumon’s test subjects. And now, Ms. Casey could be the first person to be cloned.  

Why I'm into it: Those goats are there for some reason, and to me this seems like the most logical one. 

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Yes To This Theory: Lumon’s Ultimate Goal Is Immortality, And Here’s How

Severance does not shy away from taking on big questions. Big ethical dilemmas regarding the severance procedure are central to the show, and I’m positive there is a bigger implication to this procedure. When people decide to be severed they go through a procedure where a chip is put in their brains to separate their work and home lives. These chips could, maybe, mean immortality. 

In Hougaiidesu’s Reddit theory the chips could allow people to bring their loved ones back from the dead, or keep them alive by transferring the chip from body to body. The person to focus on is Ms. Cobel, she has a shrine set up to someone in her home and she wears a chip around her neck. Will she bring this person back? Is the board an immortal chip that has the founder on it? We’ll have to wait and see, but I like this theory a lot.

Why I'm Into It: You know the waffle party scene? And the weird culty stuff about Kier Egan and his legacy? Yeah, I don't think immortality is a stretch. 

Britt Lower in “Severance,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

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Yes To This Theory: Helena Has Trapped Helly And Will Make Her Life A Living Hell

To a degree, this is already true. Helena opted for the severance procedure and her innie, Helly, is doing everything she can to get out of her job. In the finale, it’s revealed that Helena is an Eagan and is very involved at Lumon. Going into Season 2 it will be interesting to see how Helena keeps Helly at bay.

LadyLaina commented that it’s clear Helena does not care that her innie Helly is being tortured during office hours. They said they don’t think memories will be wiped, but it’s unclear if Helly will go back to her pals downstairs. Helena clearly has the steering wheel and moving into Season 2 it seems like she will have much more control than we anticipated. 

Why I'm Into It: Season 1 already showed us Helena's lack of empathy for her innie, I think it will only get worse. 

Patricia Arquette and Tramell Tillman in “Severance,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

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This One’s Wild: Lumon Might Be Planning World Domination Via Brainwashing

Obviously, Lumon is trying to get all the power it possibly can, I mean it is a massive corporate company. However, I do not necessarily think they will get to world domination by severing everyone. Though you never know. As I said, anything on Severance is possible. 

Complexxx123 on Reddit has posited that Lumon is trying to get everyone in the world severed. Referencing The Revolving, they theorize that Lumon wants to literally flip a switch and make everyone wake up as their innies, meaning they have no recollection outside of work. This would trap the outies forever, and let Lumon do whatever they want, which is terrifying. 

Why it's wild: Logistically, this just seems impossible. 

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This One’s Wild: LinkedIn’s Importance And Irving’s Employment

Leave it to a show about corporate America to figure out a way to sneak LinkedIn into the mix. For background, Irving, who has been at Lumon for a while, says he has worked at Lumon for three years. However, according to Lumon Industries LinkedIn profile, he’s been there for nine years. 

Elephantsbewrinkly on Reddit posted a couple of options to theorize about this time jump. One is that the three years are for his innie specifically. Another theory in the comments added to this saying the six years unaccounted for could be when Irving was un-severed and working for Lumon. We don’t know much about Irving’s outie (other than he keeps painting a picture of the hallway that Ms. Casey walks down all the time). So, it’s entirely possible that Irving did work for Lumon before he got severed and knows more than we expect. 

Why It's Wild: While plausible, it seems unlikely the show's real LinkedIn account will play that big of a role in Season 2. 

The goats in Severance

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This One’s Wild: The Goats Are Running The Whole Show  

These gosh darn goats. I have so many questions about these goats that we saw for about 15 seconds in the middle of the season. Currently, we know nothing about the goats other than that they are in the building and the guy who watches over them cares deeply for them. 

Wambaloma on Reddit seems to think the goats could be running the show. That faceless board we hear about throughout the show but never hear or see could be the goats. The Egan ancestors may currently be in the goats, because technology hasn’t advanced far enough for the board’s consciousness to live in another human. 

Why It's Wild: C'mon do I need to explain myself here?

We’ll have to wait and see what the show cook's up when the hit show makes its return. While you wait there are plenty of shows like Severance to check out. Season 2 has been announced, and the show has been named one of the best new shows of 2022 and has received many Emmy nominations. What all this means is we should be in store for a wacky and well-crafted Season 2.  

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