Severance: What To Watch If You Like The Apple TV+ Original Series

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I see you, I hear you - you’re looking for something like Severance, aren’t you?

The latest Apple TV+ show premiered back in the beginning of 2022 and has become one of the platform's biggest shows, following the story of an alternate world where we can separate our non-work memories from our work memories. It’s captured the minds of viewers, and Season 2 is on the way. 

But, if you’re like me and you’re wondering what the heck to watch now that you’ve finished the first season of Severance, fear no more, as we have a nice long list of shows that you can stream right now (or buy) that are exactly like Severance in one way or another. For some awesome picks, check out some of these. 

Nick Offerman on Devs.

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Devs (Hulu)

First up on the list, we have the Hulu original series, Devs. This miniseries, starring Nick Offerman, tells the story of a young software engineer who decides to investigate a new tech company that she believes is responsible for the death of her boyfriend, and finds dark secrets hidden by its founder. 

Devs, for fans of Severance, is perfect, because it’s almost the same idea, looking at a giant tech company and taking a sinister twist on it. It’s a great sci-fi series that really dives deep into the conspiracies of the tech world and one that I truly think you’ll enjoy the heck out of. Plus, Nick Offerman is honestly fantastic in his role and really shows off his acting talents as Forest, the CEO of the tech company. Such a great miniseries. 

Stream Devs on Hulu.

Rami Malek in Mr. Robot.

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Mr. Robot (Amazon Prime)

I’m sure at some point you’ve heard of Mr. Robot. This popular series, starring Academy Award-winner, Rami Malek, follows a programmer who has a seemingly normal job working as a cyber-security engineer, but at night, he turns into the ultimate hacker, taking down people one by one with his coding skills. 

For fans of Severance, I really feel like the characters of Mr. Robot drive this show like those on Severance do. While I am behind Severance for the amazing idea, I ended up continuing to watch the series because I truly liked the characters that we met and all of their daily lives. Rami Malek’s lead character, Elliot, is such a complex and interesting character in this coding world that you can’t help but follow him on his journey. 

Stream Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime.

Maeve's hair blowing in the wind on Westworld

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Westworld (HBO Max)

If you’re looking for a sci-fi series, Westworld is the way to go. In this HBO original, Westworld originally took place in a world that has androids that look and feel like humans - often used in a theme park called Westworld to simulate the wild west. But soon, when these androids start to gain complex feelings that they shouldn’t, the lives of everyone change forever. 

If you liked the sci-fi aspect of Severance, this show is for you. It’s like a whole new level of sci-fi that continues to top itself every season, and further pushes you to want to explore this interesting dystopian world and follow these androids. The entire Westworld cast is so unbelievably talented, and with Season 4 expected to air sometime in 2022, now's the time to binge the series. 

Stream Westworld on HBO Max.

Natasha Lyonne as Nadia in Russian Doll.

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Russian Doll (Netflix)

Oh boy. Now this is a show. Russian Doll, a Netflix original series, follows Nadia, a woman who is celebrating her thirty-sixth birthday when she is suddenly caught in a never ending death loop, having to repeat the same day over and over again until she can find a way out, trying to find answers each time she dies. 

Russian Doll is so good, and for fans of Severance, you’ll love this complicated story. There are so many bits and pieces to the puzzle that it makes you want to re-watch the series to see if you missed anything - and then re-watch it again to see if you missed anything twice. Plus, Natasha Lyonne is freaking fantastic as Nadia and truly shines in this series. The second season premiered in April 2022 with a whole different premise, this time literally taking Nadia back in time, so you’ll always be entertained. 

Stream Russian Doll on Netflix.

Bryce Dallas Howard in the episodes "Nosedive" on Black Mirror.

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Black Mirror (Netflix)

Black Mirror is a series that I think everyone has heard of at this point, exploding onto the scene several years back. This series, following different worlds and storylines each season, tells the stories of characters who come in contact with some dark technology, which often end up changing their lives for the worse in the end. 

Let me tell you, if you like dark technology, like the way in which they do things in Severance, then Black Mirror is for you. From the first season, we see so many interesting and strange storylines that really change the game about what life is like with technology, from its effects on the human mind to its effects on society as a whole. 

Stream Black Mirror on Netflix.

Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce on Servant

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Servant (Apple TV+)

I had to put another great Apple TV+ original here. Servant takes place in Philadelphia, following a couple who has undergone a horrible tragedy but finds a strange way in order to cope. Soon, their lives are turned upside down when this way of dealing with their grief opens doors to forces they can’t control. 

Servant isn’t sci-fi like Severance, but the thrilling aspect of it is still there, paired with a dark atmosphere that anyone can enjoy, as it’ll keep you hooked from one episode to the next no matter what. Created by M. Night Shyamalan, you know there’s going to be twists, turns, and so many new plot changes that you’ll have to twist your own head to keep up with them, but truly, it’s one of Apple TV+’s best so far. 

Stream Servant on Apple TV+.

The two stars of Upload.

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Upload (Amazon Prime)

Another sci-fi one for you. This Amazon Prime original series, called Upload, takes place in 2033, when humans have found a way to upload our consciousness into an afterlife of our choosing once we die. Nathan, our main character, gets uploaded when he dies suddenly, but soon, facts about his premature death start to unravel over time. 

I mean, the premise is good enough to pull you in, just like Severance. The idea of being able to upload yourself into a literal afterlife is bonkers and makes me want to watch this show regardless. But, if that doesn’t get you, this show is also really funny. Coming from Greg Daniels, one of the creators of The Office, you know it’s going to be packed with great moments that will make you smile and laugh. 

Stream Upload on Amazon Prime.

J.K. Simmons in Counterpart.

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Counterpart (Amazon Prime)

This series is crazy from the start. Counterpart, starring J.K. Simmons, follows Howard Silk, a U.N. worker who discovers a shocking secret - that his agency has access to what seems to be a portal to another world, where he discovers that there’s an alternate version of him who is completely different from him in every way imaginable. 

Like Severance, this show has aspects of both a workplace drama as well as sci-fi moments that truly make you want to keep watching. Who wouldn’t want to discover a whole new world on the other side of a portal? There are plenty of twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, from one episode to the next. 

Stream Counterpart on Amazon Prime.

The main character of Made For Love.

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Made For Love (HBO Max)

Next up, we have this HBO Max original series, Made for Love. This sci-fi show starts off dark, with a young woman trying to run away from her abusive husband, but soon, she finds out that he’s been tracking her every movement with a device that he planted in her brain, and now, she must find a way to escape him with that implant. 

Made for Love is the perfect combination of a drama and a sci-fi series. It doesn’t go too far into either genre, where it feels overwhelming, just like Severance, and properly combines them to create a tale that speaks on many levels about modern relationships, privacy, and many other serious topics. The Made for Love cast is amazing, as well, and really captures you attention from the very start. 

Stream Made For Love on HBO Max.

Julia Roberts in Homecoming.

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Homecoming (Amazon Prime)

If you’re looking for another Amazon Prime original, check out Homecoming. This show follows another workplace, this time an organization that focuses on helping soldiers return back to everyday life, called Homecoming. It's supposedly hiding a dark secret, and over time, all of their employees begin to realize the truth behind the sinister actions. 

Like Severance, this show is what I like to call a slow-burn thriller. It doesn’t come right out the gate with moments that will make you gasp and shiver, but will pique your interest and make you think, “there’s something darker going on here.” Over each episode, you’ll learn a little more and begin to connect the dots. It’s such a great show.

Stream Homecoming on Amazon Prime.

Jason Isaacs in Awake.

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Awake (Amazon)

Next up, we have Awake, an original series from NBC that lasted for a season. Starring Jason Isaacs, Awake tells the story of a detective who gets caught up in two alternate realities when he gets into a serious car wreck. One reality is where his wife lives, and the other is where his son lives, not knowing which one is real. But, he uses this to his advantage in order to solve cases for work from the other reality. 

While this show didn’t do so well in ratings when it first premiered, in general it's received tons of critical praise, specifically directed at Isaacs' performance as the lead character. For fans of Severance, if you like the sci-fi aspect, this show has plenty of it mixed in with police procedural drama. 

Buy Awake on Amazon.

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone.

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The Twilight Zone (Paramount Plus)

Last but not least, we have The Twilight Zone. A series that has been rebooted several times, today we look at the 2019 Jordan Peele version, following different stories that are said to take place in “The Twilight Zone,” an alternate universe where not everything is as it seems. 

I mean, let’s be honest - Severance almost feels like an extended Twilight Zone episode with how wacky that premise is - and I seriously do enjoy the heck out of this version and its strangeness in every episode. While The Twilight Zone has been around for decades and rebooted many times, I also really like Jordan Peele’s version of it, and wish that it had more seasons. 

Stream The Twilight Zone on Paramount+.

With Severance Season 1 over, we have to start waiting to see the continuation of the story. But, you can now check out one of these shows before it comes back. You might get to experience a whole new TV show that you’ll fall in love with.  

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