Adam Devine Got Great News About His Pitch Perfect Spinoff After Revealing Another One Of His Projects Was Scrapped

Bumper in Pitch Perfect 2.
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There can be a lot of highs and lows in being an actor. On one day you might find out that the TV show you're on is getting renewed, and on another day you might find out that a project you're working on got cancelled. It can be a roller coaster ride... and today, Adam Devine must be experiencing a lot of g-force, as both of those things happened to him within a few hours of each other. 

The bad news came first, and it was personally delivered to fans of the actor via his personal Instagram page. While Devine had recently been excited for the opportunity to reunite with co-stars Blake Anderson and Anders Holm on a Workaholics movie (based on the series on the same name that aired on Comedy Central for seven seasons), that project is no longer happening. In the social media post, he makes several references to notable pieces of lingo from the show – writing that "this news is the loosest butthole" is that he's "butt-hurt" for his co-stars, fans, and filmmakers who were working on the feature. You can see his full message in the embed below:

The Workaholics movie was first announced about two years ago, in February 2021, and, as noted in the post, it was being planned as an original for Paramount+. Production was scheduled to start next month.

While one streaming service with a name starting with the letter "P" was dolling out bummer news, another one provided Adam Devine a much more positive update a few hours later. The actor might not be making a new Paramount+ movie, but his Peacock original series, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, has been renewed for a Season 2.  

This news was announced via press release by the streamer, which calls the show "Peacock's #1 comedy" and says that it had the "biggest comedy premiere in Peacock history" when it debuted last fall. A spin-off from the successful Pitch Perfect movies, the show's first season premiered on November 23, 2022 and features Adam Devine reprising his role as a cappella singer Bumper Allen. The cast of the show also includes Flula Borg (who was in Pitch Perfect 2), Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova and Jameela Jamil.

Adam Devine also responded to the Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin news on his Instagram page, and, as you can imagine, it strikes a very different tone than what he posted about the cancelled Workaholics movie. His post is below:

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but "@peacocktv gets it" definitely reads like an elbow in the ribs of Paramount+.

While we won't be getting a Workaholics movie now, fans of the Comedy Central series can watch every episode streaming with a Paramount+ subscription. And if you're a Pitch Perfect fan, you should get a Peacock subscription so that you can stream Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin to get ready for the now-in-development Season 2.

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