Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force Is Back As Streaming Miniseries With A Sweet Subtitle, Check Out The First Episode

Frylock and Metawad side-eyeing Master Shake over his horchata horn on Aqua Teen Hunger Force miniseries
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Over the decades, Adult Swim has been the home of some adult animation staples like Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken. While those are still on, a beloved Adult Swim show is making a comeback, seven years after its last episode aired. Aqua Teen Hunger Force has made its triumphant return with a streaming miniseries. In true Aqua Teen style, the series came back with a sweet subtitle.

The miniseries is part of the adult-oriented channel’s new digital shorts initiative. The new digital short miniseries is titled Aquadonk Side Pieces (because, of course). It aired its first episode on April 18, which is the first of ten episodes that will premiere daily on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel. Digital shorts revival will serve as the second digital miniseries to debut on the channel. You can check out the first installment of the new series below.

As seen in the premiere episode, Frylock, Meatwad, and Master Shake are back to business as usual. Frylock’s quick thinking comes into play as he tries helping Carl escape Handbanana’s aggressive peels. Wad unexpectedly runs interference while Shake comes in last minute with something inappropriate. Great to have you back, guys (even, if only for an abbreviated period)!

Series creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis have returned to usher in a new era for the classic animated series. As more episodes begin to premiere, each Aquadonk Side Pieces short will follow the classic Aqua Teen Hunger Force lineup as they face more surreal adventures and antics just like the original series. In addition to the Aqua Teen Hunger gang, the group will face off against beloved recurring enemies like Handbanana (as seen in the inaugural episode), The Frat Aliens, and The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past. The 10-episode run will continue the original series’ humor while forging new stories.

Before ending its 11-season run on Adult Swim, the animated series was a late-night staple. It was one of the first series to catapult the adult-oriented block into pop culture, and aired 139 episodes from 2000 to 2015. The surreal animated comedy went on to become the second longest-running series in Adult Swim history. Over the entire run, the characters got a theatrical release, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, which premiered in 2007. The film grossed over $5 million at the box office.

In addition to the miniseries, Deadline reported that there is a sequel film featuring the characters in the works. New episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Aquadonk Side Pieces will premiere daily on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel at noon EST. You can also watch the original series by getting a Hulu subscription (minus some controversial episodes). Along with this digital miniseries, more new TV shows are premiering in 2022.

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