After Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause Shared Video Explaining New Relationship, Her Ex Jason Oppenheim Had Sweet Reaction

screenshots of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim on Selling Sunset
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A lot of bombshell revelations came out of Netflix’s first-ever Selling Sunset reunion. Namely, the bosses from the Oppenheim Group real estate agency confirmed that Christine Quinn is no longer employed there after that bribery allegation at the end of Season 5. But even more surprising, Chrishell Stause revealed that she's in a new relationship after the break-up from Jason Oppenheim. Online reactions online to the news prompted the 40-year-old to explain the circumstances further in a video, and her ex/co-star had a sweet reaction to what was said.

The real estate agent's new love interest is 27-year-old Australian indie pop artist G Flip, who identifies as non-binary (they/them). After the reunion, though, some Selling Sunset fans were confused as to how Chrishell Stause could break up with her ex for not wanting to have kids, only to take up with someone much younger who might be equally as unready to have kids as well. On her Instagram, Stause clarified that she wished she and her new partner were in the same stages in their lives, but ultimately, she feels that “doesn't diminish” their “deep connection” at this point in time. In fact, the reality star claimed that they have enlightened her to other possible futures, such as adoption instead of natural birth, which she spoke about at the reunion. See the full video here:

The star's video also addresses the situation with Jason Oppenheim. The reunion itself was interpreted by onlookers as being kind of awkward due to the fact that her ex had teared up over her and shared the he was still in love with her as well, only for this big revelation of her renewed love life to come out publicly. However, she claimed in the clip that filming the reunion took hours and that a lot of “context” was eventually left out. She added that she knows Oppenheim is “living his best life, as he should” and that they continue to have “real respect and love” for each other's journeys. As for Oppenheim, he commented on his ex’s post, saying,

  • Such a beautiful video. ❤️💯. 

Jason Oppenheim actually had a pretty positive reaction initially to the romantic update, if he didn't already know. He called G Flip a “badass” at the reunion and said that Chrishell Stause’s constant smiling about the relationship was good enough in his book.

The former soap opera star had also explained in the video more about her attraction to G Flip. She stated that she herself is attracted to “masculine energy” and “doesn't care what the physical form is.” The Selling Sunset alum continued that G Flip identifies with both sides of male/female, and she views it as a “beautiful mix” that is likely why they connected “on such a deep level.” G Flip reacted similarly to the post by writing, “Well said beautiful.”

Selling Sunset has been documenting the ups and downs of Chrishell Stause’s complicated relationship status during all of its five seasons. And if the reports are indeed true that the reality series has been renewed for two more seasons, then it seems that trend will only continue. But you should keep an eye out for any developments within the 2022 Netflix TV schedule as they arise!

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