Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, Gets Real About Crazy Long Days Filming New Netflix Show And How His Family Started Treating Him ‘Like An Old Man’

Action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has absolutely no plans to retire. The acclaimed ass kicker continues to make good on that claim through films and now TV projects that are keeping him busy with crazy-long production days. Anyone with a Netflix subscription will soon be able to see those efforts pay off in Schwarzenegger’s upcoming original series FUBAR, a project that saw the 75-year-old’s family apparently start to treat him “like an old man.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger walking away from a literal dumpster fire in FUBAR.

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How Long Were FUBAR’s Wild Production Days?

The stories about the former Mr. Universe’s new show came from his own newsletter, courtesy of Revealing the first trailer as a treat for his loyal fans and subscribers, Arnold described a rough and tumble schedule that you’d expect from an action-packed extravaganza. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, here’s how he separated the “good days” from the “bad days”:

I turned 75 in the middle of filming FUBAR in Toronto. It was 4 months of 12-14 hour days and nights. On good days, I left my hotel at 6 in the morning and got back at 7 or 8 at night. On bad days, I left my hotel at 6 at night and got back at 7 or 8 in the morning.

FUBAR’s S.H.I.E.L.D.-esque concept and cast make the project sound like an all-star remake of True Lies, which shouldn’t be confused with CBS’s actual branded redo of that James Cameron classic. That sort of competition being in the air serves as further motivation for Netflix’s series to amp up its game. Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds like he’s more than ready to do just that, which is probably why his family was checking up on him during that four month long shoot.

Monica Barbaro and Arnold Schwarzenegger look at something off-camera with mutual concern in FUBAR.

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How Arnold Schwarzenegger Counters His Family’s “Old Man” Treatment

Explosions, motorcycle riding and of course, stogie smoking aren’t exactly the activities that one may associate with an “old man.” All of that is present, and then some, in the trailer for FUBAR, and Schwarzenegger looks like he’s reveling in that energy. Those habits were paired with some other common behaviors that Arnie keeps himself up to date with, as he further explained via the following passage from his latest newsletter: 

My friends and family kept checking in to ask if I was doing OK. At first, I felt a little bit like they were treating me like an old man, until I sat back and looked at my schedule. It was a lot! But my answer was still: I’m not OK, I’m fantastic. Don’t get me wrong. Whether it was 9 in the morning or 10 at night, whenever I finally got to my bed, I was exhausted and I fell asleep immediately. But it was a good exhaustion, and wonderful sleep. Even though I am at an age when some people are well into retirement (never gonna happen), I woke up every day ready to do the work. That’s because I was living two of the lessons I always share with you guys.

The actor's lessons are pretty simple, and they fit squarely in the 75-year-old action star’s mindset. By both keeping up with his exercise routine and “doing the reps,” as well as keeping in mind why he was going through those paces on his new show, his goal to please his fans could be met. In case you’re looking to see how that pays off in terms of the upcoming series, you can check out the official trailer below: 

That sort of encouragement is something that the Terminator actor has also shown other Hollywood stars, as seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message to Hugh Jackman, in which he commended him on his Deadpool 3 workout. As he continues to be a source of inspiration for himself and others, Schwarzenegger is just proving how he became such a big star in the first place. Outside of all of his performances from some of the best action movies, of course.

FUBAR premieres on May 25, exclusively on Netflix; which just might inspire some more questions from the Schwarzenegger family about whether or not its patriarch should take it easy. And if you’d like to pump up your watch list for the year to come, the 2023 TV schedule has all the information you’d need for a healthy diet of entertainment.

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