Arnold Schwarzenegger Supported Hugh Jackman's Massive Muscles In New Post, But I'm More Amused By The Deadpool 3 Actor Trolling Ryan Reynolds

It’s hard to believe that one of the upcoming superhero movies slated to grace the big screen is Deadpool 3, featuring the team-up of the Merc with a Mouth with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Go ahead and pinch yourself, because it’s happening! The film’s stars have been hitting the gym hard in preparation for their superhero outing, and Hugh Jackman’s massive muscles just got a flex of support from one-time Mr. Universe-turned-action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. While the shout-out from Arnie is incredible, if I’m being honest, I’m more amused by the trolling of Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ faux feud has a long and hilarious history. So in keeping the frenemies’ relationship alive, the Les Misérables actor posted an image of himself lifting a ridiculously heavy dumbbell to his Instagram, accompanied by the comment, “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition.” The post is meant to be a clap back to a social media post Reynolds made of himself training for the flick and calling out his co-star for not being “nearly as nice as everyone thinks.” Jackman's post, which you can see below, was met with support from many fans, but what was possibly most notable was the single “arm flex” emoji used by the former governor of California:

The Terminator icon might have officially put down his dumbells a while ago but, according to an Insider interview, the 75-year-old still has a strict exercise regimen. He still works out every day for at least 1.5 hours. So getting the nod from the legendary bodybuilder was probably a nice confidence boost for Hugh Jackman’s ego and might put Ryan Reynolds in his place. To put it simply, game recognizes game. 

The plot details for the upcoming superhero flick are still very hush-hush, but what we know for sure about Deadpool 3 is that Wolverine’s involvement promises a meta and franchise-leaping film. Hugh Jackman’s time as Weapon X was relegated to the Fox-produced X-Men franchise, which had no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, that’s all about to change with Wade Wilson's third movie. It might be time for a rewatch of all the mutant flicks and Marvel movies in order to get prepped for the fourth-wall and MCU-shattering shenanigans that are bound to go down. 

Disney delayed the third outing in series, pushing it from its initial September release date to November 8th, 2024. So fans will have to wait a bit longer to see which of the two X-Men will show up in better fighting form. 

But who do you side with in the workout face-off? Are you with Arnold Schwarzenegger and side with Hugh Jackman, or are you team Ryan Reynols? Either way, it’s a fun feud to follow along with and should continue to keep fans pumped about the cinematic crossover. Until Deadpool 3 finally slashes its way into theaters, MCU fans might want to consider checking out the superhero offerings that feature Jackman and Reynolds. All you need is a Disney+ subscription.

Ryan LaBee

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