Capturing The Killer Nurse: 5 Things To Know Before You Watch The Netflix Documentary

Charles Cullen in Capturing the Killer Nurse is currently available for anyone with a Netflix subscription, which is also where you can find a great number of exclusive true crime documentaries. Stream Capturing the Killer Nurse on Netflix.
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Throughout 2022, Netflix has launched what seems like dozens of true crime shows, documentaries, and docuseries, each breaking down some of the most notorious criminals and the heinous crimes they committed. We’ve seen multiple titles telling the Jeffrey Dahmer story, gripping docuseries about religious cults, and documentaries detailing how medical professionals took advantage of their clients in sinister ways. The most recent addition to that collection, Capturing the Killer Nurse, falls into that last camp with its story about someone who was convicted of killing 29 of his patients.

If you’ve heard about the 2022 Netflix release but want a little primer before you watch, don’t worry because we’re about to break down a few things to keep in mind before you press play on one of the most unnerving documentaries from the popular streaming service so far this year.

Capturing The Killer Nurse Details How Charles Cullen Preyed On Patients Under His Care

Clocking in at a little over 90 minutes, Capturing the Killer Nurse details what led to Charles Cullen signing a plea deal admitting to the murder of nearly three dozen of his patients over the course of several decades. This includes interviews with the detectives that investigated the unusual deaths at medical facilities throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania; Cullen’s coworker, Amy Loughren, who helped authorities in their effort to nab the suspected killer; and journalist and author Charles Graeber, who chronicled the crimes in the 2013 book The Good Nurse: A Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder, which was later adapted into a movie of the same name.

The Case Was Previously Explored In The 2022 Netflix Movie The Good Nurse

If the case of Charles Cullen (and the book about his crimes) sounds familiar, that’s because it was previously explored in the 2022 Netflix movie The Good Nurse, which saw Eddie Redmayne portray the convicted serial killer. The movie that also saw Jessica Chastain take on the role of his former coworker Amy Loughren, became a fixture of the Netflix Top 10 upon its October release.

The Impact Of Charles Cullen’s Crimes Is Explored In Great Detail

In addition to focusing on the various crimes committed by Charles Cullen and the investigation that eventually put him behind bars for the rest of his natural life, Capturing the Killer Nurse also spends a great deal of time breaking down how the string of killings affected the lives of those wrapped up in the crimes, as well as the legislation that was put into effect in the fallout of the scandal. At one point, Charles Graeber questions how something like this could happen and how nine hospitals and a nursing home could allow the cycle to continue before he was finally brought to justice.

You Hear From Charles Cullen Himself Through Recordings

Throughout Capturing the Killer Nurse, audio recordings of Charles Cullen are played off-and-on, where the former nurse convicted of killing 29 patients sheds light on why he wanted to be a nurse before breaking down how the killings began to unfold. You never see his face during these archival recordings, but footage of Cullen after his arrest and conviction are shown.

Capturing The Killer Nurse Is Rated TV-14 For Language And Mature Themes

With Capturing the Killer Nurse focusing on nearly three dozen murders, it was almost a given that the new documentary would carry a restrictive rating. But unlike some of the other true crime documentaries released in recent years, the new Netflix title is rated TV-14 (opposed to TV-MA), which is due to its language and mature themes.

Capturing the Killer Nurse is currently available for anyone with a Netflix subscription, which is also where you can find a great number of exclusive true crime documentaries.

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