Channing Tatum Shares Full Look At HBO Max’s Finding Magic Mike Family, And Of Course That Means All The Shirtless Men

Folks who’ve been looking for more in the world of Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike franchise likely thought that their only hope would be trekking to Las Vegas to see the live show, seeing as how there’d been no word on a sequel since Magic Mike XXL in 2015 (until very recently, that is). But, we can all head back to “the stripperverse” now, with the release of a new reality competition based on the film franchise, airing on HBO Max. Luckily, Tatum has also given us a look at the full Finding Magic Mike family, and, of course, that means a look at a lot of shirtless men!

You don’t have to be any kind of Magic Mike devotee to know that the franchise is about male strippers and their many partially nude pursuits. Now that Finding Magic Mike has hit HBO Max, star / executive producer / Magic Mike mastermind Channing Tatum has given us a look at everyone who helped to bring the reality series to life on Instagram, and if you enjoy spying a shirtless gentleman or two (or maybe even 10), then you’re in for a treat. Take a look!

Oh, my! Look at all the…chesticles! Well, it seems like the men (none of whom are professional dancers) who signed up to take part in Finding Magic Mike at least had a solid support system to help them make their stripping dreams come true. As Tatum noted in his caption, some of the good folks in his photos (nearly naked or not) have been with the franchise since the first film. This includes choreographers Alison Faulk and Luke Broadlick, who serve as mentors for the competitors, as well as actor / movie stripper Adam Rodriguez, who played Tito in both films, and also acts as one of the show’s mentors.

If you’re wondering why the cast of Finding Magic Mike needs mentors, well, that’s because the show takes several regular men who have “lost their magic” and are looking to reclaim it, and puts them through their paces in a Magic Mike training ground to help them do just that (and potentially win $100,000) as they learn how to dance / strip. It all culminates in them performing at the end of each episode.

I’m not sure if any of the guys pictured in Tatum’s post can be seen battling it out on the series, but it’s a good bet that at least a few of them might be, and since everyone looks more than happy to be involved, it seems like a good guess that the experience of having to go from Average Joe to Magic Mike stripping superhero didn’t make them regret their decision to participate. And, that’s good. I mean, who wants to see a sad shirtless man? That would just be uncomfortable for all involved.

Seriously, though, Finding Magic Mike also promises some emotional moments, as the 10 men chosen to participate attempt to get their dearly departed romantic mojo back by learning the moves made famous by Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, and others on the big screen. So, if you like to see men feeling feelings and sometimes taking their clothes off, there’s really no reason not to watch.

Season 1 of Finding Magic Mike is ready on HBO Max right now, but if you’d like to watch something (possibly) a little less stripper-based this month, you can also check out our Christmas movies and TV schedule!

Adrienne Jones
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