Chrishell Stause Posts Thirst Trap After Ex Justin Hartley's (Seemingly) Shady New Marriage Comments

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The timeline of Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley's marital demise has been a bit of a head scratcher Stause’s Selling Sunset fans. The This is Us star famously filed for divorce from her in November 2019 amidst the third season of filming for her Netflix show. He let her know through a text message, and Stause claimed to be totally blindsided by at the time. Only six months later, Hartley linked up with his old co-star Sofia Pernas and would eventually marry her in May of this year. Now, he's made some seemingly shady comments regarding the chronicle of his new marriage. And, not too long after, Stause posted a very respectable thirst trap for the Gram – coincidence?

In an interview with Haute Living, Justin Hartley reflected on his new marriage and it seems (for the most part) like something out of a movie. He said that Sofia Pernas – who he had previously worked with on The Young and The Restless – is “brilliant,” “incredible” and “fun to look at it.” The actor also claimed that “everything is easier” with her and she makes him want to “be a better man.” But what was seemingly a more pointed dig about his ex-wife Chrishell Stause was when Hartley shared this about his and Pernas’ history:

You meet in different capacities. We didn’t work together that closely, and we didn’t work together that long. I knew that she was very kind and very nice. I liked being around her. But I was in a different place in my life. I wasn’t available. Timing has a lot to do with that. I’m very lucky to not only have found ‘the one,’ but I found her when she was available and the timing was right.

Now, to be fair, the This Is Us alum may not have been intentionally trying to shade Chrishell Stause there. But it is kind of awkward and maybe a little too open when someone is frank that they locked down “the one” not long after a controversial divorce. I don't think Chrishell Stause is too bothered about it, though, if her recent thirst trap collage is any indication. The Selling Sunset star posted some seriously wet bikini pics on Instagram just a day after Justin Hartley's comments, as can be seen here:

Chrishell Stause was perhaps killing two birds with one stone with her (also seemingly) strategic carefree and sexy pics. Not only does it appear to send a signal that she is totally unbothered by Justin Hartley's remarks, but it also might be just a little shady toward her more recent ex/boss, Selling Sunset broker Jason Oppenheim. The two dated less than a year before breaking up, with Stause stating that her desire to start a family didn't exactly match up with Oppenheim’s desires. Funnily enough, the reality star wrote in her thirst trap post that “these eggs aren't going to fertilize themselves.”

No, they are not. But in the meantime, all the parties involved are apparently moving on both personally and professionally. Justin Hartley and the rest of his co-stars are closing out This Is Us with the upcoming finale season premiering on NBC on January 4. Stause’s fourth season of Selling Sunset briefly made it to Netflix’s Top 10 list when it premiered last month, with the back-to-back fifth season expected to drop on the streaming platform in March.

In essence, everyone wins! But personally, I think Chrishell Stause is killing the social media game with her hashtag single life phase.

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