Cobra Kai Creators' New Netflix Show Has Cast Legends Of Tomorrow And Teen Wolf Vets As Leads

Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig
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The creators of Cobra Kai – Josh Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg – have made a significant impression on the TV landscape through their martial arts-centered dramedy. For the past several years, they’ve delighted fans by delivering action, humor and drama all while honoring the legacy of The Karate Kid. While the show is still going strong, it’s been confirmed that the trio are working on a new series - one that will give Netflix subscribers serious Hangover vibes. It’s still early days for the production, but it looks like the show has added stars from Legends of Tomorrow and Teen Wolf to its cast. 

Obliterated, the hour-long series from the Cobra Kai producers, centers on a Special Forces Team that manages to disarm a bomb in Las Vegas and later does some hard partying to celebrate. But there’s a twist. After the festivities, they learn that the explosive device was a fake and, as a result, they must fight through their intoxication to find the real one. It sounds like a ripping good time, and now Legends of Tomorrow’s Nick Zano and Teen Wolf’s Shelley Hennig are joining the fold, per Deadline. Descriptions of their characters have also been released, and it appears they’re going to play key roles on the show. 

Nick Zano, who played Nate Heywood/Steel for six of Legendsseven seasons before its cancellation this year, has been tapped to play the role of Chad McKnight. The character is said to be the head of the SEAL team, and he’s earned a lot of respect from his colleagues – despite his somewhat wild antics. While attempting to locate the real bomb alongside his team, he’ll be forced to balance his partyman urges with his dedication to the job. As an actor, Zano has quite a bit of charisma, so this sounds like the perfect role for him. 

Based on what’s been revealed about Shelley Hennig’s character, it sounds like she’s playing a very different kind of role compared to her co-star’s. Known for playing Malia Tate for three seasons on Teen Wolf, Hennig will now portray Ava Winters on Obliterated. Described as a straight-laced lead CIA agent, she’ll have to bend the rules a bit in order to help her inebriated team complete their mission. One would think that given their characters’ varying personalities, the two will serve as foils for each other. Should that be the case, it could be fun to see Winters cut McKnight down to size now and then.

Though cameras have yet to start rolling on the series, I’d be willing to bet – based on the synopsis – that the series will possess the blunt humor and over-the-top action that’s made Cobra Kai so popular over the years. The stakes will be a bit higher here, but I’m sure Josh Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg will continue to put character and story first. Then of course, I’m also prepared for all of the spectacle that they’re willing to give us. 

I’m already curious as to who else ends up joining Nick Zano and Shelley Hennig on Obliterated. If the producers are giving us a story about a SEAL team, then the members are sure to possess unique personalities that’ll clash with each other at times. That would make it all the more exciting to imagine who else might join the show as time goes on.

As you wait for more news on Obliterated, be sure to stream Cobra Kai, which is one of the best shows on Netflix. You can also pass the time by checking out other shows that are present on CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.

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