Legends Of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz And More React After The DC Show Is Cancelled After Seven Seasons

Legends of Tomorrow on The CW
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The CW’s Arrowverse will be going into the 2022-23 TV season without two series, as the network has has cancelled Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The latter series had an impressive seven-season run, gaining a passionate fan base in the process. Now, Caity Lotz and other stars from Legends are sharing their reactions to the cancellation.

Following The CW’s decision to pull the plug on Legends (which has given fans everything from hijinks to a cool soundtrack), Caity Lotz, who portrayed Sara Lance/White Canary/Captain of the Waverider, took to her Instagram stories to share a heartfelt message with fans about her time on the series and in the Arrowverse as a whole. And it's enough to make any longtime viewer emotional:

I am bummed! I am sad, I'm going to miss it so much. I'm going to miss our amazing cast and crew. But at the same time, I recognize how lucky I have been to play Sara Lance for this long. Working on Legends has been amazing. It's been such a journey and I am so endlessly grateful for it, and for you guys. So, thank you. To all the Legends of Tomorrow fans out there we love you guys so much. And it has been a blast.

Caity Lotz entered the Arrowverse in 2013, when she began playing Lance on a recurring basis during Arrow's second season. Considering that she was also the last remaining original cast member on Legends of Tomorrow, this news could be especially hard for her to swallow.

In addition to the White Canary actress, Tala Ashe, who played Zari since Season 3, went on Instagram to share some memorable behind-the-scenes photos and reflect on her barrier-breaking role as the first Muslim-American, live-action superhero:

Having portrayed Nate Heywood/Steel since the second season, Nick Zano also posted a mix of behind-the-scenes photos to mark the occasion. The actor, who was already set to depart the show ahead of the cancellation, penned a lengthy and sweet message, saying that Legends has “the greatest, most loyal, most ride or die, fan base” among other emotional sentiments:

Adam Tsekhman, who's arguably had the wildest and most insane storylines on the series as Gary Green since the third season, also joined his fellow co-stars to share a short but sweet message on his Instagram. He praised the cast and crew and reflected on his time on the show:

The news of Legends of Tomorrow’s cancellation was confirmed by executive producer and co-showrunner Keto Shimizu. She expressed how heartbroken she was over the fact that there would be no Season 8 but thanked the cast, crew, and fans for their “love and passion” for the misfit group of heroes.

The Season 7 finale of Legends ended with some cliffhangers that now may never be resolved. The show introduced Scrubs alum Donald Faison, as Booster Gold, who was also utilized as an Easter Egg on The Flash prior to his debut. Also, the group of superheroes were heading to jail alongside Booster. On top of that, Sara was pregnant with Ava’s baby as a result of alien powers, and Nate lost his own abilities.

It's unknown if these storylines could continue in some way through The Flash or Superman & Lois. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time that viewers see the Legends and the Waverider. With heroes from Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning making their way across the Arrowverse following the end of the shows' respective runs, Legends of Tomorrow alums could follow suit.

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