David Boreanaz Celebrates SEAL Team's Latest Big News From Paramount+

Military drama SEAL Team was recently renewed for a sixth season at Paramount+, its new home after being on CBS for four seasons. And now, there's even more big news, as it was announced during Paramount’s Investors Day Presentation that CBS Studios is developing a movie based on the series. With this, David Boreanaz is celebrating the big announcement.

David Boreanaz, known as Master Chief Jason Hayes on SEAL Team, was quick to mark the exciting news on his Instagram. Not too much is known about the upcoming film, except that it will be a standalone project that won’t connect to Seasons 5 or 6. After the news broke, Boreanaz excitedly said:

Wheels up! Here we go. Excited to bring this to the next level.

It'll definitely be interesting to see just what the SEAL Team movie is all about though, if David Boreanaz is excited for it, there's surely something special planned. Hopefully, we’ll get more news on the movie in the coming months. I'm particularly curious to learn about the cast list, as I'm hoping everyone from the series reprises their roles.

Despite the SEAL Team movie being a standalone project, I'd assume that fans can at least expect Easter eggs that reference past events from the show. There's also the matter of where in the timeline the movie will possibly take place. Since it's a self-contained tale, it could end up taking place at some point way in the past, which opens the floodgates for new characters.

The reveal of not only a sixth season but a movie is a change of pace for fans and the cast. Last year, it took a while for any news of a possible Season 5 to be confirmed, even with CBS announcing renewals in waves. But the cast and the fans remained hopeful and campaigned. 

Aside from the movie, there's still plenty to consider when it comes to the upcoming sixth season. The Season 5 finale ended on a cliffhanger, which saw Bravo Team get ambushed and trapped, before getting shot at on all sides. At the time, David Boreanaz was unsure but “optimistic” that the show would come back and, based on that finale, I'm so glad we'll get to see more of this great franchise. The future is certainly bright, and it'll be exciting to see what lies ahead for not only David Boreanaz but for his fellow collaborators as well.

Fingers crossed that more news on the SEAL Team is announced soon but, for now, I’m just happy we’ll get even more of Bravo Team! To keep yourself occupied, be sure to stream all five seasons on Paramount+, and check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to see what else to catch!

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