SEAL Team Stars David Boreanaz, Justin Melnick And More React To Big Season 6 Renewal News

CBS-turned-Paramount+ military drama SEAL Team aired its explosive Season 5 finale at the end of January, leaving things off on a cliffhanger. At that point, it was unknown whether or not Bravo would be coming back for another season, though star David Boreanaz remained optimistic. And it was a good thing, too, because the streamer recently announced a Season 6 for SEAL Team and Boreanaz, Justin Melnick and more of the team reacted to the big news.

Shortly after news broke that SEAL Team will indeed be coming back for Season 6, the show’s Master Chief quickly took to Instagram to give his thanks and appreciation. David Boreanaz posted a short-but-sweetly enthusiastic message that will get any fan excited for what’s to come:

Meanwhile, Neil Brown Jr., known as Jason’s right-hand man Ray, went a different direction than his costar. His message contained plenty of thank you’s to the cast and crew as well as to SEAL Team’s newest home platform:

Meanwhile, Justin Melnick, who portrays Brock, posted his reaction to Instagram along with yet another stunt video. The actor has reflected before on doing big stunts for the Paramount+ Original and being part of the series itself, so it's no surprise his response to the Season 6 announcement was pretty, err, explosive. 

Toni Trucks, who plays Davis on SEAL Team, posted the same photo as Neil Brown Jr. with a short message that is just enough to get fans pumped for Season 6:

The news about Season 6 comes over a week after SEAL Team’s Season 5 finale dropped. The episode wrapped up Bravo’s Venezuelan mission and the team was able to reunite with loved ones and make amends in the process (if needed). However, they were soon sent out again, this time to Mali, where they were caught under heavy fire in the midst of an ambush with no way out. 

David Boreanaz commented on Bravo’s status following the finale, but his answers were as vague as you’d think. The Angel alum mentioned that it “opens doors” to who survives and who doesn’t, and it definitely puts the entire team at risk, especially with some getting hit like Jason and Clay. The finale was emotional and action-packed, and it looks to be enough to have Paramount+ renew the series.

The announcement is also good news for the fans that were campaigning last year for the series to get renewed after CBS kept dropping renewals. While it’s unknown when Season 6 of SEAL Team will premiere or who all will be coming back considering some, like Max Thieriot, have other projects in the works, fans, cast and crew will be able to rest easy knowing that Bravo Team won’t be hanging up their gear anytime soon.

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