​​Disney+ Accidentally Tagged The Wrong Will Smith And Things Got Out Of Hand

Older Will Smith in Gemini Man
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Social media marketing is a skill many have mastered over the last decade. But there are still some errors that pop up here and there, even when a huge corporation is involved. That was the case for the Walt Disney Company during its annual Disney+ Day. Last year, the House of Mouse confirmed that it had partnered with Hollywood icon Will Smith for a new National Geographic docuseries and provided more on it this time around. The show, called Welcome to Earth, will see the actor explore uncharted corners of the Earth, and it looks like it's going to be exciting. The recent update hit a bit of snag, however, when the company tagged the wrong Will Smith in its post. Instead of the multi-hyphenate superstar, the streamer singled out a streamer and podcaster by mistake -- and things got out of control.

Amid the mix-up, the podcaster in question took notice of the faux pas and took to Twitter to let Disney know of the mistake. In doing so, he let issued a single request to the massive multimedia company. To see how everything unfolded, check out his reply to Disney+ below:

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A lifetime subscription to Disney+ doesn't seem like the most unreasonable request to be honest. All in all, it would be a nice gesture on the company's part. And after all, as this Will Smith pointed out, those tweets will be stuck on his timeline for years to come. Also, the Hollywood star’s fans might mistakenly come to pester him every time some news on the actor comes up. Personally, I admire Smith's directness in asking for something in return.

And of course, the moment quickly became meme-able. One follower shared a poster where the King Richard star was replaced with the wrongly tagged user:

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That was only one of many social media moments that subsequently involved the streamer. Though amid the jokes, one user dropped a bit of keen advice for this Smith. They suggested he cash in on the moment:

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And believe it or not, it wasn’t just Will Smith that Disney+ wrongfully tagged, as Grey’s Anatomy alum Patrick Dempsey was also thrown into the mix. One person pointed out the outrageous mistake as Dempsey was trending on Twitter:

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Tagging the wrong Will Smith is one thing but Patrick Dempsey, too? In all fairness, people make mistakes, as everyone has tagged the wrong person at some point. Still, these are pretty significant misses on Disney's part, and one would think that the company will be more diligent moving forward, especially with big events like Disney+ Day. But at the very least, the guy was able to take the whole debacle in stride by acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation. Here's hoping he gets that lifetime subscription he's looking for.

Viewers will finally be able to see King Richard’s Will Smith in Welcome to Earth when the show arrives on Disney+ on December 8th.

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