Disney+'s Percy Jackson Series Finally Wrapped Filming, And Its Star Celebrated In A Very On-Brand Way

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson in 2024 Disney+ series
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Fans of Rick Riordan’s beloved Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series have been on a long journey to see the epic adventure finally get adapted right. While that wait continues, we just got a lot closer to the finish line. Disney+'s Percy Jackson series just wrapped production after previously kicking off filming over the summer. It’s happening!! 

The announcement was made on the Percy Jackson series’ official Twitter, with a video presenting the show’s star, Walker Scobell, diving underwater to make the announcement. Check it: 

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Walker Scobell was filmed in what looks like a tank being used for the production of the upcoming book adaptation to hold up a sign that read “That’s a Wrap!” on Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1, along with a “Thank you!” and apt drawing of a trident. Of course the son of Poseidon would celebrate this milestone underwater; how else? 

Before going up for air, Scobell also held up a sign that said “Send help!” Send help for the fandom, because my goodness, we’ve been waiting so long for this series to come to life, and now an entire season based on the first Percy Jackson book, The Lightning Thief, exists and will go into post-production ahead of an early 2024 release. With about a year between the series wrapping and its intended release, we’re of course all kind of hoping it’ll come sooner than we think, but hey, we’ve waited this long. 

Upon the announcement, fans took to Twitter to share they are “SCREAMING” with excitement and “SO READY” to see the show right now. The streaming series, which was announced back in 2020, was developed by the story’s author Rick Riordan alongside Black Sails’ creator Jonathan E. Steinberg. 

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series stars Walker Scobell as the titular character, who previously made a splash in Netflix’s The Adam Project, as a younger version of Ryan Reynolds’ protagonist. Scobell was cast in the role back in April. Among the Percy Jackson show’s cast list are big names like Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hermes, Megan Mullally as Mrs. Dodds and Lance Reddick as Zeus. 

The exciting series on the way comes following the Percy Jackson film series that had major differences from the source material, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of fans who were excited to see the story be adapted for the big screen. The previous Hollywood adaptations did not continue past two Percy Jackson movies in part due to so many changes made from the books affecting the movie franchise’s success. 

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to see The Lightning Thief be adapted to this Disney+ series and wait for weekly installments of this imaginative take on Greek mythology to unfold. 

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