Evan Peters Reveals What He Learned From The 'F-ing Incredible' Kate Winslet That He Utilized For Netflix's Dahmer

Kate Winslet and Evan Peters starring together on Mare of Easttown.
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Kate Winslet and Evan Peters made the perfect pair as two detectives investigating a murder after they were cast in HBO’s limited series Mare of Easttown. Peters has been a notable actor for a while now, lending his talents to various American Horror Story characters and a host of other roles. However, Winslet is a legend, and one of the most successful actresses working today. The Dahmer actor seemed to forge a good relationship with his co-star. And during a chat, he opened up about working with the "fucking incredible" Winslet on the mystery series, revealing what he learned from her that he could apply to his Netflix show.

Evan Peters was recently interviewed by THR  as part of its Drama Actor Roundtable discussion, which included other notable names like Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal. He was asked if there's anything specific he’s learned due to taking on wicked characters during his career. In response, Peters gushed about his Mare of Easttown co-star and specifically explained how she conducted herself on set:

Certainly the case changed the way I looked at the world. And I think for me, personally, I learned what I could do, what I can’t do, and what I need to work on. One thing I had learned working on Mare of Easttown with Kate Winslet, who is a fucking incredible person and an amazing actress, [was about how to be a leader] on set: She talks to everybody and she’s compassionate toward every fucking person. I really looked up to that and I tried to carry that with me throughout shooting this.

On-set attitudes often have an impact from the top down so, if the main star is treating everyone with love and respect, it’s likely to have a chain reaction. The X-Men alum seems to have witnessed the benevolence that Kate Winslet led with on set and sought to model it for himself. Shortly after the limited series debuted, Peters was number one on the call sheet on the Netflix series Dahmer, so that experience came at the right time. All in all, he seems to have learned from Winslet just how important it is to be a positive leader and role model while working.

The firm chemistry between Evan Peters and Kate Winslet was definitely apparent on screen. While Mare of Easttown has incredibly dark themes, the two actors shared some tender moments that were very well acted. At first, their characters acted as foils for each other, though they developed a stronger bond as the show went on. I’m sure the positive on-set culture created by Winslet helped make this character dynamic as strong as it possibly could be for audiences. 

The Pose alum deserves just as much credit for his acting as his Oscar-winning colleague does. His performance alongside won him an Emmy, and his turn as Jeffrey Dahmer has been strongly praised as well. That latter role earned the AHS alum a Golden Globe Award and made him a likely Emmy contender this year. The actor has surely developed into a gifted performer, and he could get even better if he continues to take positive cues from additional actors.

Fans can check out both Evan Peters and Kate Winslet’s award-winning performances in Mare of Easttown, which is streaming now for Max subscribers. Those who want to check out Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story can grab a Netflix subscription and stream it. And for info on upcoming premieres, consult our 2023 TV schedule.

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