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Henry Cavill Explains Why He Went ‘Radio Silent’ Over The Holidays And What’s Next

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If you follow The Witcher star Henry Cavill on social media, you’ll know that the man loves to share. Everything from health tips and workout photos, to pictures of Cavill’s dog and tidbits about his many off-duty geeky pursuits have found a home online in recent years, and he rarely takes extended breaks from posting for his fans. Now, Cavill has explained to his followers why he went “radio silent” over the holidays and opened up about what’s next for him.

What Did Henry Cavill Do Over The Holidays?

Seeing as how many of you reading this will be fans of Henry Cavill’s Netflix hit, The Witcher, you’ll probably know that he just got done with the months-long push that led up to Season 2 of the fantasy series finally returning to the small screen. He’s also been hard at work on other projects, like Enola Holmes 2 and the Matthew Vaughn film Argylle, so it makes sense that he would have wanted to take a bit of a break for Christmas. Cavill recently returned to Instagram with a post that showed a bit of what he’s been up to, explained why he took a break, and talked about what’s coming for him. Take a look!

As suspected, the actor retreated from social media a bit simply to do what many of us like to do during the happiest season, so that he could “be myself and spend quality time with the people who are in front of me.”  It seems like he had a wonderful time, too, and if you had been wondering about what Henry Cavill was eating over the holidays, that’s certainly been answered, hasn’t it? 

Cavill is no stranger to talking about food, his very specific diet, and the many things he enjoys cooking, but even for him this is quite a spread. It sounds like most of what he showed us was done for Christmas, and who among us doesn’t enjoy eating a wide variety of good stuff for the holiday, if not actually preparing those scrumptious meals ourselves? No wonder he looks so damn happy in that first photo.

Apparently, he and one of his brothers spent a lot of time whipping up one fine-looking foodstuff after another. Cavill took special time out to mention the heritage turkey that they wrapped up in bacon, along with showing off a long line of delicious seeming side dishes and other manly meats, all of which I’m sure were eaten with gusto. Along with, probably, that giant platter of what appears to be either gingerbread or molasses cookies dusted with sugar.

What's Next For Henry Cavill? 

Of course, this helps to explain what Cavill describes as his next step after all of this glorious Christmastime relaxing and reveling: training. He’s known for his fierce dedication to running, weight lifting and everything meant to keep him in peak physical condition, even when he has a setback. So, I can only imagine that mere moments after this post he was jogging or engaging in some other such intense physical activity to make sure those biceps, triceps, pecs, and abs look great should The Witcher Season 3 require Geralt to disrobe for a bath (or some other steamy event).

You can catch Henry Cavill in both seasons of The Witcher right now, but if you need more to watch, check out the 2022 Netflix TV series and the 2022 TV premiere dates!

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