Henry Cavill Reveals What His Diet Looks Like When He Has 'No Shirtless Scenes' To Film

Henry Cavill as The Witcher

Like most actors who portray superheroes, Henry Cavill is absolutely ripped. Unlike a lot of Hollywood’s most ripped stars though, the Man of Steel actor doesn’t sweat it too much when he doesn’t have to be shirtless on screen. DC’s current Superman reveals just what his diet looks like when he doesn’t have to take his shirt off for a scene.

For a lot of people the word “diet” has somewhat of a negative connotation, thinking it’s just a way to limit food intake but Henry Cavill is definitely proving that wrong as he explains just how much he eats in a day - and that’s just when he is in maintenance mode. In an interview with People, Cavill explains that when he doesn’t have to appear shirtless for a scene, he eats a pretty protein heavy diet and will have a meal around every three hours. Here’s his exact daily line up of food, in his own words:

My diet at the moment is more maintenance because I don't have any shirtless scenes coming up. Breakfast is a scoop and a half of 100-percent grass-fed whey protein with a cup and a half of oats and berries blended with water, plus a two-egg omelette with two turkey rashers and 4 ounces of beef filet. Three hours later I'll have 6 ounces of chicken breast with white rice, and three hours after that, another 6 ounces of chicken breast with brown rice. Three hours after that I'll have 5 ounces of filet of beef with sweet potato.

It takes a lot of self control and structure to be able to eat like that pretty much every day, especially when that’s only when you’re trying to maintain the muscles you already have and not gain or sculpt. I have a hard time making one meal a day, and this man is out here eating prepared meals every three hours.

His dedication to how he looks may even come from an old audition where Henry Cavill was told he didn’t have a fit enough body to appear shirtless on camera for James Bond. While it may have been hard for a young actor to get feedback like that, he sure has taken the advice and transformed his body with a structured meal plan. Apparently he still gets a weekly cheat day though, and in the same interview he explains how he’ll hype himself up for his cheat day all week, saying:

It all depends on location and what I'm feeling. One of the great things about cheat meals is that you'll probably be thinking about it for a week and once you get there, it'll be an excited order of a pizza or Indian food or it will be a Sunday roast which I'll cook to make an event out of it.

Maybe it’s a good thing he’s taking it easy (if you can even call this structured diet that) seeing as he is still slightly recovering from his The Witcher injury, but another shirtless scene is sure to be coming up for Henry Cavill. You can’t keep abs like that contained for too long...plus, he’s got Highlander in his near future, which could mean some serious bare chested swordplay for the actor.

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