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Hulu Just Dropped Its Price To Less Than A Dollar As Part Of A Black Friday Sale

Mabel and Oliver watching Charles' podcast performance on Only Murders in the Building
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As we head towards the final month of 2021, people across the U.S. (and beyond) have giant feasts on the brain, from Thanksgiving turkey and fixins to leftover sandwiches to post-shopping lunches. Many of those people are also thinking about how to get the most bang for their bucks through Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and while there are no doubt sales out there that will save consumers hundreds of dollars on sought-after products and services, Hulu just brought back one of the best slashed-price bargains in streaming entertainment.

From now until the minute before midnight strikes on November 29 — so 11:59 p.m. PT — Hulu is offering this humdinger of a Black Friday deal (opens in new tab), which is co-sponsored by Good Morning America:

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Hulu: $0.99 per month (opens in new tab) for a year’s subscription, with savings of 85% off the $6.99/month regular price

So for less than a dollar a month, you can check out Solar Opposites’ new NSFW holiday special, the mystery-filled first season of Only Murders in the Building, the critically acclaimed limited series Dopesick, Noah Cyrus in the anthology series American Horror Stories, and more, all while catching up on episodes of The Simpsons, Chicago Fire, Grey’s Anatomy and both Deadpool movies. There are barely any fast food items these days that cost less than a dollar, so it’s probably best to just feed your brain all kinds of entertainment, right? (I guess it doesn’t NEED to be an either/or sitch.) So instead of paying upwards of $84 for a year, you'll be paying $12.

In any case, there are some caveats, as it usually goes with deals this good. For one, you have to sign up for the whole year in order for the 99-cent price point to stay intact, but that total is hardly a real dealbreaker. The other major rule is that this deal is available only to new and eligible returning customers, which is par for the course. But while most companies exclude all former customers, Hulu is making this deal available for anyone who spent the last month without a subscription, regardless of how long or short their customer status was before that.

As well, the deal isn’t available as part of the Disney+ bundle with ESPN+, and it only covers the ad-supported plan, and not the commercial-free one. (The same as what’s included in the Disney+ bundle.) But when a full year costs less than two months’ worth, beggars cannot be ad-plan choosers. And if you need something equally cost-efficient to watch Hulu, there are some great deals on Amazon Fire TV sticks, so all the bases are covered.

You don’t have to be an Animaniacs character to know that when Pinky asks Brain what they’re going to do today, the best thing for Brain to say is, “The same thing we do every year that it’s available: sign up for Hulu’s Black Friday deal.” That’s perhaps a bit more consumerist than some animated shows like to get, but Animaniacs is no stranger to real-world tie-ins.

Be sure to check out our rundown of Hulu’s December releases to see what you can busy yourself with throughout the holiday season. 

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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