Jake Gyllenhaal Celebrated The Start Of Filming On His Road House Remake, And Michael Bay Chimed In With A Sweet Message

Jake Gyllenhaal in Ambulance
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It looks like filming is underway on the Road House remake film starring Jake Gyllenhaal! To celebrate such an occasion, the Spider-Man: Far From Home star shared an adorable picture with legendary director Doug Liman. Many familiar faces chimed in to congratulate Gyllenhaal on such an occasion, including director Michael Bay.

The photo, which was posted to Instagram, shows Liman and Gyllenhaal certainly very happy to be filming as they hold the clapboard that says "Road House." They seem to be in a beautiful tropical location. This is a major departure from the Missouri setting from the original film. Check out the post below.

Michael Bay must have been excited to see two of his friends together working on a new project. He wished them luck, commenting:

Good luck guy’s!!! Tell Doug big hello!

Bay and Gyllennhaal must’ve struck up a friendship working on Ambulance. Doug Liman is also known for his exciting and explosive films. He has directed movies like The Bourne Identity and The Edge of Tomorrow, so the new Road House film should be a non-stop thrill ride. Liman is also known for frequently working with Tom Cruise, but hopefully he doesn’t expect Gyllenhaal to be doing his own stunts, as Road House has a lot of them. 

Road House is a remake of the 1989 film of the same name. It starred Patrick Swayze as a tough bouncer who is tapped to manage a rundown bar called The Double Deuce. The film is a favorite amongst many people, so hopefully Gyllenhaal is up to the task of playing such a well-loved character. The film is being made for Amazon Prime Video, with MGM also behind the project. 

The Nightcrawler star isn’t the only one who will be joining Doug Liman for this film. UFC fighter Conor McGregor will be making his acting debut in the film alongside Gyllenhaal. While it is undetermined what character McGregor will be staying, he is said to be playing an original character and not portraying himself. Gyllenhaal’s character is a former UFC fighter as well, so I’m sure these two will have plenty to talk about. McGregor isn’t the only heavy-hitter (no pun intended) joining Gyllenhaal on Roadhouse. The stacked cast includes Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Gbemisola Ikumelo, and Lukas Gage.

Road House isn’t the only thing Gyllenhaal is working on. That man seems to never stop working. He is announced to star alongside Oscar Isaac in a movie about the making of The Godfather. He also recently worked with The Gentleman director Guy Richie on a film called The Interpreter, which will be released next year. 

Roadhouse has just begun production, so it will probably be a while before we see Jake Gyllenhaal taking over a dive bar. In the meantime you can check out Michael Bay’s Ambulance, starring Gyllenhaal and streaming now for Peacock subscribers. And for other news about what may be coming to streaming down the line, check out our 2022 movie schedule.

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