Jeremy Allen White: What To Watch If You Like The Bear Star

Jeremy Allen White in The Bear.
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When it comes to some of the television stars who have been blowing up the last few  years, one of the biggest who comes to mind is Jeremy Allen White. While the actor made headlines for some of his portrayals in other TV shows, it wasn’t until the smash Hulu hit, The Bear, released on the streaming platform that more and more people started to see this leading man’s face.

I, for one, have been following White's career for years, and if you’re looking for what else he has been in, here are some movies and TV shows other than The Bear where you can see just how talented this actor really is. 

Jeremy Allen White in Shameless.

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Shameless (Netflix)

Probably one of the most famous picks on this list, Shameless is a great Showtime original series telling the story of The Gallaghers, a family that lives on the South Side of Chicago and is just trying to get by and survive as their father, Frank, drinks his life away. Meanwhile, the oldest sister, Fiona, tries to keep everyone in line. 

Shameless was an iconic show for many reasons, mainly because the Shameless cast had such great chemistry with each other. Jeremy Allen White portrayed Lip Gallagher, the eldest brother of the clan, and someone who ended up having a very interesting rise/fall/rise again story throughout the show. After Emmy Rossum left Shameless, White sort of took over as the lead character, and for the next two seasons, and certainly kept fans intrigued until it ultimately wrapped in 2021. 

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Jeremy Allen White in The Rental.

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The Rental (Netflix)

Next up, we have The Rental. In this underrated horror film, we follow two couples who get away to a rental in order to have a fun weekend and celebrate good times. But, while there, they start to grow increasingly suspicious that someone is watching them. 

Actor Dave Franco’s directorial debut, The Rental, certainly doesn’t disappoint, and neither does Jeremy Allen White in his acting performance. I never really thought of him as a horror actor, but after watching him in The Rental, I can openly say that this man should definitely be in more horror movies. He had great chemistry with his castmates and could really hold his own. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in another scary movie such as this. 

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Jeremy Allen White in After Everything.

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After Everything (Hulu)

You want to sob? This movie is the one for you. After Everything, starring Jeremy Allen White and Maika Monroe, tells the story of a young man who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, while simultaneously meeting a girl who ends up changing his world forever. Despite his grim future, the two work through the obstacles life throws at them, hoping that somehow, they'll find a way to be together after everything.

This film is one of those where it’s almost a little too real. It’s a dramedy, for sure, as the main couple have great chemistry and drop some serious laughter bombs throughout the film, but at the end of the day, it’s a drama about a couple falling in love while one has cancer, and how that can affect a relationship. White and Monroe play the parts perfectly, and truly take you to a different world in the way they show the love story. The real test is what happens “after everything.”

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Jeremy Allen White in Homecoming.

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Homecoming (Amazon Prime)

Next up, we have Homecoming, an Amazon Prime original series that starred Julia Roberts in its first season, as well as Jeremy Allen White. During Season 1, we follow waitress Heidi Bergman, who was once employed as a social worker, caring for soldiers with PTSD in the Homecoming Transitional Support Center. But, as she is questioned about her time there, she discovers the organization might have been more secretive than she ever thought it was.

I genuinely loved White’s role in this show. While he was only in it for the first season, like Julia Roberts, his character, Shrier, was so interesting and had me scratching my head about what he truly went through from the first episode. And, his scenes with Roberts were top tier and really captured your attention instantly. If you’re a fan of psychological series that’ll make you scratch your head - in a good way - Homecoming is the one for you. 

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Jeremy Allen White in Afterschool.

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Afterschool (AMC+)

This film from 2008 was one of White’s first performances. In Afterschool, this drama captures the story of a tech-obsessed teenager who ends up catching something horrific on camera, and this in turn leads to a spiral of events that changes his life forever. 

When I say that this is a drama, I mean it in every sense of the word. While White was much younger at the time of its release, his performance in Afterschool as Dave is second-to-none, and I can tell why he was hired for a show like Shameless after his role in this movie. It’s one of those films that will sit with you for a while after you watch it, with great performances from every actor involved. 

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Jeremy Allen White in Bad Turn Worse.

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Bad Turn Worse (Amazon Rental)

Next up, we have the neo-noir film, Bad Turn Worse. In this movie, we follow three teens who are just trying to celebrate their last nights together before some of them have to go off to college, using stolen money in order to throw a huge party. But, it turns out that they stole from the wrong person, and this ends up putting them in a hairy, crime-ridden situation. 

This movie is the perfect example of the butterfly effect, where this one moment lead to a million other scenarios that truly turned people’s lives upside down. Jeremy Allen White is one of the main characters of this movie, playing Bobby, alongside Logan Huffman and Mackenzie Davis, and the trio really carries this movie from start to finish, and as the crime they committed begins to spread to more, especially dangerous, people, you get more worried for these characters. It’s truly an edge-of-your-seat kind of movie. 

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Jeremy Allen White in The Bear.

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The Bear (Hulu)

I mean, it’s why you’re here, isn’t it? The Bear follows Carmy, a chef who once worked in a fine-dining restaurant, but after his brother commits suicide, he leaves that behind to work in his family’s sandwich shop, trying to rebuild it from the ground up. 

The Bear is great television. This was one of the first TV shows where I really saw Jeremy Allen White as a leading man, as he gives a very compelling performance. Not to mention that The Bear is so realistic to what life cooking in a professional kitchen is like that some chefs refuse to watch it because it brings back crazy amounts of anxiety - which is how you know this show is good and it’s done such a fantastic job of capturing a realistic workplace environment. It’s truly one of Allen’s best - and I’m so happy it has received a Season 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Stream The Bear on Hulu.

No matter what you pick from Jeremy Allen White’s resume, I’m sure that you’ll find something great to watch, regardless. But, keep in mind that if it is Shameless that you go with, you’ll be on that ride for a while. Nobody messes with the Gallaghers.  

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