Kanye West And Ray J Just Reunited At A Movie Premiere After Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Drama

Ray J and Kanye West
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Kanye West has had beef with quite a few people over the past several months, including Kris Jenner, Trevor Noah and Pete Davidson. Another person who’s been at odds with the controversial rapper this past year is Ray J, who once dated West’s ex-wife – Kim Kardashian. This year, West and the singer, whose given name is William Ray Norwood Jr., were embroiled in drama related to the latter’s sex tape with Kardashian. While things seemed somewhat contentious between the two at the time, there’s a chance that they may have patched things up, given that they reunited at a movie premiere after the drama. 

This past week, both Kanye West and Ray J were present at the world premiere of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold in Nashville, Tennessee. The affair was attended by other notable people including Kid Rock and conservative pundit Candace Owens, who directed the documentary. Amid the screening, West and Norwood were photographed alongside the “Cowboy” singer. You can take a look at the image down below: 

Kanye West and Ray-J on a red carpet

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It’s unclear as to whether or not the two rappers are definitely back in each other’s good graces. However, at the very least, they appeared to remain cordial while attending the event. The premiere marks yet another public appearance for Ye, who’s been doing quite a bit of press of late. In the past few weeks, he’s done interviews with entities like Fox News and the Drink Champs Podcast. He’s also been busy making business moves (and is apparently even looking to purchase conservative social media platform Parler). You can get another look at the music and fashion mogul in this additional pic: 

Kanye West on the red carpet

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Kanye West’s personal dealings aside though, it’s very surprising to see him in the same place as the “One Wish” singer, considering what went down this year. During the series premiere of The Kardashians (streamable with a Hulu subscription), Kim Kardashian alleged that West met with her ex-boyfriend and got the hard drive containing the sex tape. However, Ray J subsequently called that assumption “a lie.” He further refuted Kardashian and West’s claims in a lengthy interview and also asserted that he “never leaked” the video in the first When discussing his reasoning for not doing such a thing, he cited “a deal and a partnership” between him, Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner.

A few months later, Ray J got even more candid about the footage, which was leaked back in 2007. He specifically dropped details about how much money he’s made from his and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The musician claimed the initial deal that was put in place stipulated that he, like Kardashian, would receive $400,000 for the tape and 12.5% of the profits. Per a report, he was still making around $360,000 off the tape a decade after its release. Not too long after all of that information went public, the singer, like Ye, criticized Kris Jenner for allegedly making up “false stories” about him. (Many have speculated about the exact role Jenner played in the tape’s release.)

If Ray J did actually bury the hatchet with Kanye West, then it would mark a major development in the sex tape saga. It’s worth mentioning, though, that West has declared mea culpas before, only to jump back into feuds. After their appearances at the movie premiere, we’ll just have to see if the two recording artists change their tunes about each other moving forward.

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