After Kanye West Criticizes Kris Jenner, Ray J Also Calls Out The Kardashian Matriarch

Kanye West is back in the news again, and it’s (once again) due to comments that the rapper made on social media. This past week, West went on an Instagram rant, in which he criticized Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and more. The comments have not only drawn the attention of the general public but at least one celebrity as well it seems. The star who commented was none other than fellow musician Ray J, who has his own history with the Kardashian family. And after seeing West’s critiques, the “Sexy Can I” singer also called out the famous matriarch. 

The music veteran, whose birthname is William Ray Norwood Jr., and Kim Kardashian were an item in the early 2000s, during which they produced the infamous sex tape that eventually leaked to the public. The singer and media personality has shared thoughts on his ex and her famous family on a few occasions over the years. Most recently, he commented under one of Kanye West’s since-deleted Instagram entries. West’s post included a screenshot of a message from one of the Kardashians, who said that the West’s viral outbursts were stressing Kris Jenner “to no end.” Norwood’s response was captured by Page Six, and the rapper claimed that Jenner tried to “ruin” her: 

What about my mom Kris? You tell people false stories about me, making the black man look horrible, for your gain, you introduced me to Steve HIRSH, you masterminded everything for your family, and tried to ruin me at the same time smh — you don’t’ think all mothers get stressed? Or you special huh?

The musician certainly didn’t mince words here and has been equally outspoken when talking about the situation in years past. Though the fact that he commented on Ye’s social media post is a bit surprising, considering what occurred earlier this year.

The sex tape scandal once again became a topic of discussion this past spring, thanks to an episode of The Kardashians (which is available to stream using a Hulu subscription). In the installment, Kim Kardashian assembled her family and friends and showed them a briefcase that allegedly contained a hard drive that had the sex tape on it. The starlet went on to say that Ye traveled to Los Angeles and retrieved it from her ex. Ray J claimed this was “a lie,” though wouldn’t go into further detail at the time.

The following month, Ray J broke his silence on the assumption that he circulated the tape, saying that he’s “never leaked anything.” He also stated that he hasn’t done so because of a “a deal and a partnership” made by him, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. That purported deal aside though, the rapper’s comments would suggest that he really isn’t a fan of the mother and businesswoman. 

That disdain seems to be the only area in which he and Kanye West agree. During his rant, West specifically called out the momager for making his ex-wife and her sister, Kylie Jenner, participate in Playboy photoshoots. From there, the Grammy winner declared that he isn’t going to let the same thing happen to his and Kim’s two daughters, North and Chicago. 

After deleting his rant, Ye said that he “will not back down,” and one gets the idea that Ray J – who still makes money off the sex tape – has the same mindset. We’ll just have to wait and see if the “One Wish” writer has more to say in regard to the ongoing saga.

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