Katee Sackhoff Shows Off Realistic (And Gross) Fake Injury From Her Netflix Show In BTS Pics, And I Can’t Look Away

Katee Sackhoff in Another Life Season 2 screenshot
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Sci-fi fans have come to know Katee Sackhoff as one of the great queens of the genre, since she has portrayed a number of important characters in major franchises over the years. From her years as Captain Starbuck in the Battlestar Galactica franchise to being cast as Bo-Katan in the Star Wars franchise and beyond, Sackhoff faves her genre flag proudly for its loyal fandom. Now it seems she has taken inspiration from another sci-fi queen for her Netflix series Another Life, as she unveiled some gruesome behind-the-scenes photos showing off a super realistic Alien-esque stomach wound that thankfully wasn't a legitimate injury.

In a series of Instagram photos, Katee Sackhoff showed off a fake stomach that looks way too real, especially considering there’s a huge gash in the faux flesh that's being held open by clamps, creating some seriously gnarly gore going on in her abdomen. You can check out the photos below, and swipe for some less bloody shots that explain how the look was created without digging into her real stomach:

All that gore looks way too realistic for Katee Sackhoff to have such a happy expression on her face. Better to smile through it than be miserable, of course. Speaking of miserable, the short video after that makes her wound seem to pulse in a most unnatural way, and that’s enough to unsettle even those with the strongest of stomachs.

Fans seem to agree, because the comment section of Katee Sackhoff’s post is full of people both praising the special effects team and jokingly saying she should really get that professionally looked at. One commenter remembers watching the episode the behind-the-scenes pictures are in reference to, and says he was “literally screaming” during the scene. 

One commenter, though, specifically asked sabout the possibility of a Season 3 for Another Life, and others seemed to be less than hopeful that another season is in the cards for the series’ future. Fans seem to be latching onto Katee Sackhoff’s wording in her caption and taking the fact that she says she “loved” working on the show and that it was “such an honor” to mean that Season 2 will indeed be the last. 

While this isn’t definitive proof that Another Life will be canceled, Katee Sackhoff did express to fans that if they wanted another season, then they would have to start binging Season 2. Netflix only really renews popular series, and Sackhoff wanted fans to understand watching the series more often and more quickly would help the algorithm tell the streaming service's execs that fans want to see more of Another Life.

Even if Another Life does indeed end with Season 2, Katee Sackhoff certainly wouldn't walk away empty-handed, or empty-stomached. The star got married around the same time Season 2 released to Netflix, and she met her new husband Robin Gadsby on the set of the series, where he was part of the writing team. Sackhoff has even stepped out of the sci-fi and action genres she is so comfortable with to star in a Hallmark romantic holiday film written by her new life partner. 

Although you won’t see her opened up on an alien operating table, you can check Katee Sackhoff out in Hallmark’s Christmas Sail now. It’s just in time too, as the rom-com binging season is upon us.

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