Lily James Responds After Pamela Anderson Allegedly Refused To Watch Pam And Tommy

Pamela Anderson dressed for the club in Pam & Tommy
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The Pam and Tommy limited series for Hulu has been a subject of much controversy since its inception. The Lily James and Sebastian Stan-led series was generally well-liked, but also received backlash for its portrayal of a sensitive subject matter. The time period that the show captured was one of much pain for Pamela Anderson, and neither she nor Tommy Lee were involved with the show’s production. Lily James, was recently asked about Pam Anderson's feelings, and shared her perspective on the matter. 

Anderson has allegedly expressed her disdain for the series, and reports have indicated she refuses to watch it. Responding to this rumor in an interview, the actress reflects on her fondness of the Baywatch star, and what she hopes Anderson takes away from the series. She told The New York Times

Still nothing and I totally respect that. That’s her choice. It’s a bizarre thing because I’ve played her, and I feel so attached but … I hope that if she was ever to watch it, she would feel that the show was just so behind her.

Hulu's Pam and Tommy follows Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship during the '90s, and the discovery of a private, pornographic video of the two. The video was stolen by an electrician (played by Seth Rogan), who distributed the film on the internet. The series is based on a true story, but how “true to life” Pam and Tommy is has been up for debate. Former Mötley Crüe member Vince Neil called out the Hulu series for its inaccuracies, and Courtney Love expressed her anger towards the show, and her refused participation, in a now-deleted Facebook post. Anderson apparently agrees, as she has opted to take control of her own narrative in a Netflix documentary she will be helming. 

 Despite aversion to the series from those close to the story, Pam and Tommy also received lots of praise, especially for performances by James and Stan. Both actors 2022 Emmy nominations for their work on the series, and the show is nominated for Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series. The show first garnered buzz for pictures released from the show's production, and the uncanny similarities between Stan and James and the stars they were portraying

Lily James in particular was committed to making her portrayal of Pamela Anderson as authentic as possible. She understood the responsibility associated with portraying such an iconic woman, and clearly has a lot of reverence for Anderson, and what she went through during this time. James also felt the pressure involved in Pam and Tommy, particularly in portraying such a sensitive subject matter with real people involved. 

You can check out Lily James’ portrayal of Pamela Anderson in Pam and Tommy which is still streaming exclusively for Hulu subscribers. For more information on what else is coming to streaming and beyond, check out our 2022 TV release schedule. 

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