Love Is Blind: 5 Feelings I Had While Watching The Season 3 Finale

Zanab in the trailer for Love is Blind.
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Oh, good God. It’s over. 

After a drama-filled third season of Love is Blind, where we saw the rise and fall of five couples, the finale has finally dropped and I am so tired. I have spent a month watching these people and let me just say that I am happy that this Netflix dating show is done – until the fourth season.

However, with its finale, I felt a lot of feelings during that hour-long episode, from utter frustration to shock to everything else in-between, because there actually were twists and turns I was not expecting. For those who are probably feeling the same way I am about the Love is Blind Season 3 finale, here are some thoughts I need to get out.

And obviously, spoilers ahead for those who aren’t caught up with Love Is Blind Season 3.

Bartise and Nancy in Love is Blind.

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When the previous three episodes aired on November 2nd, I made a prediction in my last LIB feelings article that Nancy and Bartise would actually end up saying yes to each other because I felt they had made some sort of progress in their relationship, so I was surprised to hear Bartise say no to her at the altar in the opening minutes of the show.

If we’re being honest, I’m happy for Nancy because I do think she deserves better, just because she’s so unbelievably sweet. Even if Bartise did call himself out over his past behavior, there are some things you just can’t forget. 

But, what really frustrated me was the aftermath of Bartise saying no to Nancy. Now, I understand that Nancy is very close with her family – I come from a Latino family as well and we are all very close. But I felt very frustrated with her family interrupting her talk with Bartise. I know that they love her and want her to be respected, but I felt that it was really rude of them to keep cutting into their conversation over and over, to the point where they had to literally go somewhere else to speak. 

While I agree that this relationship ended for the better, it was frustrating to see someone’s family get so involved. I just know that if this happened to me, the last thing I would want is my mother, brothers, father, and everyone else trying to put in their two cents as I’m figuring out what went wrong with my fiancé. It just felt like too much all at once, and you could clearly tell it was overwhelming Nancy, too. 

Alexa walking down the aisle in Love is Blind.

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Alexa and Brennon are hands down one of the only couples from Love Is Blind Season 3 I was actively rooting for, and from the moment these two appeared at the altar I knew they would say ‘I do.’ Theirs was the first proposal we saw and they were the first to say ‘yes’ after walking down the aisle; you could just tell it would happen. 

I have to say, even watching the reunion a little while later and hearing that their only real argument has been about something as petty as dishes is something I absolutely love. You can tell that love really was blind to them, because they do love each other. And out of everyone on this show, I truly wish them the most happiness. I hope that everything works out for them because they were the cutest – also, I need to see Brennon in a cowboy hat again. 

Zanab in Love is Blind.

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Surprise (And Lowkey Respect) 

Zanab and Cole were one of those couples that I just knew were not going to work out from the first episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3. They had two very conflicting lifestyles and personalities; it seemed there was no way they were going to say ‘I do.’ I did think Cole might say it, because he would always say how he was sure he was going to marry her, but with Zanab? I just knew there was no way she was going to say yes. 

And I was right – she didn’t say ‘yes.’ She said no and more, because as she spoke to Cole, she straight up dug into him about everything we have seen on the show. In front of the wedding guests. 

While a part of me feels a little bad, since I believe this should have been a private conversation, they have been broadcasting their entire relationship for the show so I was more in shock that Zanab had the courage to say all of this in front of her family and Cole’s friends, saying how he made her self-esteem and confidence falter, digging into everything he had done before walking off. 

What made the moment even more surprising is that her bridesmaids clapped for her after, as if applauding her decision to speak out and leave him. I have to say, respect to Zanab for speaking her mind and not giving into the feelings she had, because she knew she deserved better despite her love for Cole, but at the same time, damn – I would never have that kind of comfort to do that in front of everyone. 

Matt and Colleen in Love is Blind.

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Genuine Shock 

Another couple that I believed wouldn’t make it were Matt and Colleen in Love Is Blind Season 3, specifically because Matt felt like he had commitment issues after his previous wife cheated on him, and how he would get angry at Colleen for going out. That’s just something that I wouldn’t be able to deal with as a young woman. 

But, at the same time, these two said ‘yes’ to each other at the altar, which completely shocked me. However, at the end of the day, they had said how in love with each other they were multiple times. It’s just shocking to see that after Colleen said, only a few days before, that she couldn’t see marrying him just for love, that she did indeed end up marrying him. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Does anyone else think Matt is a catch? As long as he treats Colleen right, that’s all that matters. I need to go find videos of her being a ballerina, because I’m curious now. 

SK and Raven in Love is Blind.

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Still Kind Of Upset At SK

I know that we talked about this a little bit in my other piece last week, but I am still slightly upset at SK for saying no to Raven on their wedding day. Ironically, they were the couple that I had the least hope for, because it felt that at first, there wasn’t that much chemistry, but over time, they really started to care for one another. 

At the end of the Love Is Blind Season 3 finale, we see a little bit more of SK and Raven from the last episode after their wedding, and while he doesn’t necessarily do anything to warrant my anger in this episode, it just got me thinking about the last one, where he expected the person he married to follow him all the way out to California from Dallas for school for two years. That’s a big thing, to take someone away from their close family and friends,  just after you’re married (And only recently met!) – and it doesn’t help that it felt Raven really was ready to say yes to him at the time. 

But, that doesn’t really matter anymore, because in the reunion episode, it’s revealed that the two of them are actually dating and working it out long-distance, so honestly, good for them. A lot of their love story felt left out, and I’m glad to hear that it’s continuing off screen. 

God, I am so happy that this season is done, and while I know it’ll probably be a bit of time before we possibly see another season of the show, I’ll gladly turn to some other reality dating show to check out in the meantime – anyone want to see Love on the Spectrum? Now that’s a great TV show. You can revisit all of Love Is Blind on Netflix (opens in new tab).

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