Love Is Blind's Raven And SK Talk Feelings Behind Their 'Emotional' Wedding Day

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Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for Episodes 8-10 of Love Is Blind Season 3. Definitely go away and tell someone you’re not engaged to how attractive they are and then come back once you’ve caught up!

Well, #PodSquad, we are nearing the end of Love Is Blind Season 3, and while the season has certainly already brought up a number of deep thoughts for viewers and led to more questions that we really want answered, with just one episode left it means that fans are now being treated to everyone’s final decisions about their partner. Among all the familial issues, messy situations, shopping, and tears, we got to see Raven and SK walk down the aisle, but things didn’t quite go as some may have wanted. Now, both of the cast members have opened up about the feelings behind their “emotional” wedding.

What Did Love Is Blind’s Raven And SK Say About Their Wedding?

Everyone who’s become obsessed with this reality dating show experiment since the first season understands the basics of how the show works, and one of the crucial elements are the weddings. After knowing each other for only a little over a month, everyone who got engaged in the pods is then set to marry their intended at the end of the season. But! Not all couples will say “I do,” and while some viewers were likely surprised to see that this was the case for Raven and SK, it turns out that the bride was equally stunned at SK’s decision to call off their nuptials. As she told People:

I was clearly really shocked. I feel like the whole time, I was definitely not portrayed as an emotional person. So it was probably shocking for everyone to see me be such a crybaby. But it was a really emotional day. I definitely was unprepared. We had gone through this whole experience. I was definitely on cloud nine after our build-up of having a great relationship, so I was a little shocked.

As she noted, while the two connected pretty quickly in the pods, things took time to develop once she and her new fiancé were face to face with each other. They had challenges when it came to physical intimacy, their cultural differences, and, of course, the fact that SK was headed to grad school in California (as opposed to their home city of Dallas) just two short months after their planned wedding. 

From what Raven noted in her interview, and the fact that she said “I do” at the altar, it does appear that she was prepared to continue working through their issues, but he responded during their ceremony with, “I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this,” which left her sobbing. About their potential long distance romance, which was a major hurdle, SK told the outlet:

In our very first conversation, I brought it up. I was like, 'I'm actually getting ready to go to grad school in the fall.' And she didn't really have a problem with that. We said we're going to do things long distance and we're going to try it out. But of course, it's easier said than done... when things get real and now you have to put numbers on paper...

It does make sense that there would be more hope of finding a solution that would work for both of them while they were still in the pods, but that those feelings would dwindle as the short weeks to their wedding approached without firm plans being decided on. He continued:

For me, it was a big deal because I knew that love should lead everywhere, wherever you're going. I don't think we had enough time to be able to get there. And also, for her to trust me, right? It's been 10 days since we'd known each other and telling someone that you just met in 10 days to leave their own dreams and come pursue your own dreams, it's got to take a lot of guts to be able to do that. And I just don't think we were there yet.

He’s correct that it was a big ask, especially of someone as career-oriented as Raven, for her to leave her clients behind and start over in California as he went to school. She was also, understandably, concerned about having to foot the bill for both of them immediately, as he was mostly going to be focused on continuing his education, and even her friends expressed sincere doubts about the relationship, particularly if she remained in Dallas. While it seemed to be a heartbreaker for Raven, at least SK was honest with both of them about not feeling that they were ready to take on so many obstacles as a married couple.

You can watch the remaining episode of Love Is Blind with your Netflix subscription when it releases on November 9.

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